Market Watch

We have a special guest today. If you have been on Instagram in Iran these days. You must have either memorized or heard the song (boat) and (eyes) of this artist. Mr. Pirbod is here. To have an interesting discussion with us

Mr. Pirbod, what do you think distinguishes your works from other artists?

I want to give a brief answer to this question. Variety. Identifying people’s tastes. Combining and creating a new style.

Does the content of your music get strength from your inner feelings? Or do you try to perform the poem that the poet gives you in the best way?

I have been asked this question in another interview before. When you have experienced it, it becomes a reality for others as well. So my music is strengthened by the depth of my emotions.

Do you look at music through the eyes of business and income generation?

From the age of 15, I traded in minerals and exported building stones such as travertine and marble. Later, I exported minerals such as iron ore from building stones to China, and I have had a mine for 12 years, working in the field of iron ore in Kurdistan, etc., and I produce iron ore myself. For two consecutive years, I became the top miner in Iran to create added value and not sell the crude iron processing plant and turn it into iron ore concentrate in my own mines. I look at music through the eyes of a business because when you look at music or anything commercial, your planning and targeting is 100% more sustainable and planned and purposeful, but I spend my music income on freeing innocent prisoners.

You talked about rap and hip hop music. We know that rap music style is illegal in Iran? Aren’t you afraid of the consequences?

I talked about hip hop music and it was not allowed in the past, but it has been used in TV shows and elsewhere in the last year. Meanwhile, rappers like my dear friend Armin 2afm are gradually working in this field. They are controlled and get activities and licenses. But we have a lot of good singers in Iran who are currently working on this music and getting licenses, and I am no exception to this rule, but the style of music I have is very new and mixed.