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Introduction W88 Overview

Today, W88 is Asia’s leading online sportsbook. Operating under MARQUEE HOLDINGS LTD; based in Makati City – the capital of the Philippines. W88 is increasingly proving its strength in the online betting market by officially sponsoring Crystal Palace for the 2020/2021 season, W88no1 will give you a more detailed look at this house through the analysis below.

With the latest technology applications, W88 has made a great breakthrough in providing the best products to users.

A licensed online betting company operated by First Cagayan Leisure & Resort Corporation. Website W88.com is proving itself to be a formidable competitor to other big brands. Known for a wide range of services, including sports betting and. In this entertainment field, W88 is also popular for providing players with online betting systems and lotteries like Keno and Lotto.

Why Should You Choose W88?

Although appearing after other bookmakers, this is also the advantage that brings a new wind, new technology, and a more attentive way of taking care of customers to the online betting market in Vietnam, according to statistics. At the time of writing this article, W88 has risen to be the most searched bookie on Google Vietnam.

W88 Diverse Sports Betting

Apart from the standard odds such as European, Asian, a-sports, W88 also offers other attractive odds such as handicap, parlay, over/under, even/odd bets and many other bets on the match…

In addition, the types of sports are also extremely diverse with many subjects such as virtual football, horse racing, tennis … to meet the interests of different players. Currently, the sports betting system has more than 300 different tournaments, spoiled for participants to choose from.

The Ultimate Online W88

W88 has implemented a variety of online game distribution systems such as: Playtech or GamePlay. Although there are now many bookmakers offering online games in the Vietnamese market, the house is still outstanding and receives a lot of attention from players.

Contributing to this success is the variety in online games such as Poker; Baccarat; Blackjack; Keno; Sic Bo… At the same time, there are very attractive rewards. In Particular, there is a trial version to help players easily familiarize themselves with the games before joining. Today’s most popular games at W88 include:

Poker: Use a 52-card deck and each player will be dealt their own cards. Then on the table will reveal community cards; depending on the strength of the cards and the intentions of the players that arrange the cards. At the end of the last round, the remaining players face up to determine the winner. With attractive gameplay; Poker attracts quite a lot of players to participate.

Baccarat: Baccarat is a fighting game because whoever has the higher score wins. The rules of Baccarat are relatively complicated, but are highly appreciated by players because of its fairness and attractiveness to players.Blackjack: Blackjack has a gameplay quite similar to blackjack in Vietnam. The objective of this game is to score higher than the dealer but not exceed 21 points. The variety of card handling decisions has attracted a large number of players to participate in the card game Blackjack.