Volt Inu (VOLT) Sees Price Pump and a New ATH Getting Closer

Malmö, Sweden, 4th February 2023, ZEXPRWIRE, Volt Inu ($VOLT) recorded a new market pump as the team made several new announcements regarding its ecosystem development. The token has seen a surge in activity on exchanges, reaching the top trends on Twitter and many of the 100+ exchanges they are listed on.

The team’s latest announcements add a new dimension to the VOLT ecosystem with developments like Voltiflex and rumors about an upcoming burn worth $10,000,000+ at least. The market reacted positively to the news, as $VOLT’s price increased significantly.

The Latest Pump

At the end of January, $VOLT had a price of $0.0000007, which quickly rose to above $0.00000125, thus already up 78% in the first days of February. The move brought a lot of interest from the crypto community. Investors are now curious to see whether $VOLT could reach a new all-time high of $250 million market cap.

The team has promised David Gokhshtein, founder of Gokhshtein Media, $30,000 if $VOLT doesn’t hit the milestone this month. The proposal came in response to a tweet from Gokhshtein asking if $VOLT could be the next $SHIB.

The attention that $VOLT has received drove it up to rank number one on Poloniex in terms of volume. The project outperformed names such as $TRON, $ETH and $BTC in this ranking. Additionally, the project managed to trend again daily on Twitter, with over 25,000 tweets mentioning it.

These events have created much excitement around the $VOLT project and the possibility of it reaching an all-time high. It is up to the investors to decide whether this will happen and where this run, bringing back the bullish 2021 memories, will stop.

Volt Inu Ecosystem Development Continues

What caused the recent price pump on $VOLT? While there is no definitive answer, Volt Inu’s latest announcements have likely played a role.

Volt Inu recently announced the launch of Voltiflex, a first of its kind global staking platform built on top of its current deflationary DEX. 

Through this new tool, the crypto users will be able to stake any token and earn rewards. This new feature adds to Volt Inu’s growing ecosystem of services designed to help users easily benefit from cryptocurrencies.

The latest launch of Voltichange is also a major part of the Volt Inu ecosystem. Seventy-five crypto projects added the Voltichange widget to their website in three weeks. Thanks to this DEX, projects find a new tool making it easy for users to buy from their websites while burning their supply.

The growing list of features and products on offer by Volt Inu and their adoption rate demonstrates its commitment to creating a deflationary one-stop shop ecosystem. The project aims to let users take advantage of the crypto sector’s hidden potential.

About Volt Inu

Volt Inu is a community-driven project committed to achieving true decentralization and giving back to its holders. The team behind Volt Inu is actively developing the platform and building partnerships with popular crypto-friendly projects.

The Volt Inu token ($VOLT) is an easy-to-use deflationary asset, providing investors with various services and features.

As the token price continues to rise, more people are interested in the project. With its growing ecosystem of features and services, Volt Inu promises to be a powerful tool for crypto users.

Anyone interested in learning more about $VOLT or participating in the project can visit the official website. The social media pages listed below are also great sources of information and updates from the Volt Inu team.

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Media Contacts

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