VOC-Free Commercial Degreaser & Cleaner: Green Cleaning Concentrate Line Updated

The expansion of the range responds to the increasing demand for greener products in commercial settings, where workers come into contact with cleaning powders, liquids, and concentrates on a regular basis.

More information is available at https://soapfreeprocyon.com/shop

Now available wholesale in 1.5-, 5.5-, and 50-lb containers, the powder is a greener alternative to the toxic chemicals used in commercial cleaning operations. As such, companies interested in switching to greener business practices can equip their staff with Procyon Plus Powder to limit their exposure to hazardous chemicals and volatile organic compounds (VOC) which are known to affect air quality.

The VOC-free concentrate can lift trapped dirt and dander from fibers, removing persistent spots and marks including those caused by tea, coffee, and food spills. Moreover, it can break down any soapy or sticky residue that was left by previously used chemical cleaners.

The biodegradable, odor-free product has been effectively used on many different types of stains, including ones caused by blood, ink, or road tar. As such, it is the ideal green solution for business premises and more specifically in highly trafficked areas in restaurants and stores where dirt particles can get trodden into carpets and embedded into upholstery.

The all-natural powder is endorsed for use by carpet cleaning service providers and can be mixed with water as a pre-treatment in Hydro-Force, truck mount, and commercial spray applications. Moreover, it is versatile enough to be used on both wool and synthetic carpets, which will be left softer and more resistant to soiling. Despite its strength in application, the hypoallergenic powder is also gentle enough to be used in the homes and workplaces of people with sensitive skin and allergies, as well as around pets.

Plus Manufacturing, Inc.’s Soap Free Procyon range has been tested by Du-Pont Stain Master, Monsanto, Allied Fiber, Tandus Centiva, and Power Bond and has received Green Seal certifications. The manufacturer has been producing and distributing eco-friendly cleaning products for 38 years, during which time it has made strides in its commitment to safety, quality, and efficacy.

More information can be found by visiting https://soapfreeprocyon.com/shop

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