VNSMART 2022 plan revealed, fan tokens, BSC chain, audit listing – want to list binance?

Follow vnsmart has been two years, the platform token VNC soared from $0.15 to $0.6, a pleasing rise!

It is reported that VNSMART secretly updated its plan for the year in February, and Yahoo Finance reporters learned some rather important keywords; the

Fan tokens: Distinct from binance’s fan tokens, vnsmart’s innovation is to enable every ordinary crypto supporter to create their own tokens.

vnsmart CEO: “binance’s fan tokens are for club groups, who have strong enough financial resources, but we should focus more on individual crypto supporters, who are the creators of the crypto world”

VNC on the BSC smart chain: cheaper gas, preparation for binance exchange, VNC holders can trade on binance

Establish decentralized trading applications: DAO community voting governance, farm games, etc.

NFT: establish NFT trading market


More heavyweight plans.

Audit listing: VNC holders have the opportunity to redeem dividends –

The Financial Channel predicts that VNC price is expected to rise to $2.50 by December 2022

Detailed plan, please be sure to follow