VMS Network: Hiring Lifecycle Management & Talent CRM To Scale Teams Updated

The workforce solutions provider has innovated the traditional supplier management model with AI, real-time job distribution metrics, in-app training, and CRM that enhances its VMS network.

More information is available at https://prosperix.com/vendor-management-system

Prosperix can now offer businesses access to a network of thousands of talent pools, candidates, and suppliers that leverage direct competition for job listings to improve hiring outcomes. Using dynamic algorithms to automate vendor management and fill open positions faster than traditional VMS, the networked software connects hiring businesses with top talent suppliers and job candidates.

It rejects the outdated vendor management systems that rely on static tiering between businesses, suppliers, and, last of all, candidates. Prosperix’s VMS network automatically matches job listings to suppliers and candidates across all levels using AI to optimize compatibility.

Its platform streamlines the hiring lifecycle from the initial procurement of optimal candidates to off-boarding and redeploying workers to new roles. Through its networked VMS and end-to-end hiring lifecycle management functions, Prosperix prequalifies its curated candidate lists before relaying them to its hiring clients by assessing critical performance indicators based on their previous work. Its CRM encourages suppliers to engage with their job candidates and nurture their talents proactively.

The platform also provides sourcing tools that help connected recruiters improve their performance metrics over time. The VMS network can mirror a business’ internal hiring processes, scaling their recruitment output and allowing them to optimize their capabilities in anticipation of growth.

In addition to procuring on-demand talent from its network of suppliers, Prosperix has integrated the vetting, onboarding, and payrolling processes into its software, decreasing time-to-hire for growing businesses. As such, it enables its client companies to build contingent workforces and foster operational agility and resilience.

A spokesperson for the company said, “With Prosperix VMS Network, we’ve taken a new approach to supplier management that reduces friction, leverages automation, and allows suppliers to begin contributing immediately.”

More information can be found by visiting https://prosperix.com/vendor-management-system

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