Virginia Vacant, Rural Land For Cash Purchase Program Announced By Land Avion

Land owners in Virginia can now access Land Avion’s cash purchase program, which offers fast sales of unwanted land parcels. The firm states that closure can occur in approximately 30-days, allowing a much more efficient route than other channels.

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The extension of Land Avion’s program applies to most types of vacant land, including lots in rural, forestry, and urban areas. Land owners can now submit property details via the firm’s website, with all-inclusive cash offers being returned in as little as 24-hours.

The move comes as Land Avion’s program gains popularity in several other states, including New Mexico, Florida, and Texas. The company can work with owners who have tax or legal difficulties, making the service an attractive option for those who are behind on property taxes, going through a divorce, or who have home-owner association fees.

Land Avion explains that the expanded service offers a more convenient option for those who want to sell unwanted land in a short timeframe. While housing usually has a relatively high level of demand, vacant land can sometimes take several months or years to attract a suitable buyer.

As with other regions, Land Avion’s offers in Virginia are inclusive of all fees, and do not attract any realtor commissions. As a result, the price quoted to land owners is what they will receive at the conclusion of the process, allowing them to retain the full sale amount.

Owners wishing to access the latest service can now submit details via the Land Avion website, following which the company will carry out due diligence on the property in question. Resultant offers are based on that research, which includes county data, recent sales data, and comparable properties, aimed at ensuring all quotes are fair and in line with current market rates.

The recent update builds on the success of Land Avion’s program in multiple other regions. The firm was first established in New Mexico in the 1990s, and its land acquisition processes have been developed and streamlined over several decades.

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