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VIPERdev: Finally, every startup can get the dream CTO

Sometimes, having a brilliant idea is just not enough. Still, many first-time startup founders seem to overvalue their ideas and expect everyone to be as excited as they are. Most founders look for people to join their team as CTOs or developers. Many networking platforms make it easy to connect with brilliant technical people, but it is not easy to find the right CTO or developers. No experienced and skilled developer would give up a steady job and join a startup with an uncertain future. 

Moreover, hiring a team of skilled developers requires huge budgets. Most startups fail as the founders fail to find the right team to execute the ideas despite investing money. Fortunately, VIPERdev helps founders to turn their ideas into reality. VIPERdev provides CTO as a service for startups and allows them to launch products in around eight to ten weeks. 

VIPERdev empowers founders to concretize their ideas and vision. The expert team at VIPERdev brings a comprehensive experience of launching 2-3 products every month, which no CTO can ever offer. VIPERdev is a serial entrepreneur as a company and offers powerful growth hacking strategies to not only launch your product but also increases the potential for success. 

“To not be one of the 90% failing startups, you’ve got to stop thinking like an average founder.” – Lasse Schuirmann, Founder, VIPERdev.

VIPERdev aims to empower startups of every size and budget. It’s beyond just a CTO as a service. VIPERdev helps founders build a robust business plan and powerful growth hacking strategies learned by launching all those startups in the past. 

Developing an app can be very expensive. It costs a large amount of money to build and maintain an app. Even basic apps cost at least $25,000 to start. This huge financial stress takes some entrepreneurs out of the running immediately. It also makes profitability much more difficult. VIPERdev enables founders to get a cost-effective product in a span of eight to ten weeks. Some founders try to raise funding before launching the product. VIPERdev has helped many clients to bootstrap their companies without raising any external funding.

“Many founders do too much and achieve too little. We’ve launched startups like Hofly with a fully part-time team, without investors, and reached logistic breakeven in Hamburg after mere months.” – Lasse Schuirmann, Founder, VIPERdev.

Lasse Schuirmann, Founder, VIPERdev, is a serial entrepreneur. Lasse has founded five startups and, an open-source project with more than 1000 all-time contributors. He has traveled across the world as a Keynote Speaker for numerous Python conferences. Lasse finished a job for one of his clients over the weekend and realized that his quick and high-quality services could be a game-changer for startups and small businesses. He developed a process, that allows non-tech entrepreneurs to understand their product and plan an MVP. Lasse launched VIPERdev in June 2017. 

VIPERdev has built a team of expert developers and entrepreneurs that focuses on the products and completes them quickly with a scalable architecture. They also help the founders to spend their resources wisely and execute work smartly. They help founders to save months of work with their experience and guidance. VIPERdev launches 2-3 products every month and has launched over 50 products successfully. 

Recently, the VIPERdev team released another app, SameRun. What makes this all-new app pretty interesting is that it shows how fast we really can be. The idea for the app initially spawned 2.5 weeks ago. The expert developers at VIPERdev validated it within days (with running clubs and running stores) and had their first run with a prototype in less than a week. After 1.5 weeks, the app was live with end users on board. SameRun is gaining new users daily and is available on Google Play and App Store. 

The VIPERdev team strives to help startups and solve real-world problems. Their expert team aims to speed you up and deliver fast. They always maintain transparent and open communication. VIPERdev is an entirely remote team, and team members are from the US, Germany, India, France, and Indonesia.