VIEW3 launches an App to convert video viewing into a game.

EarnTube App transforms video viewing into a game

Singapore, 1st Dec 2022 EarnTube is a platform that facilitates its users with innovative changes to the online video viewing experience. VIEW3 announced their EarnTube App, which transforms the viewer’s experience by adding accumulation and character attachment to the video viewing experience.

Users who install EarnTube mobile application are given a character in the shape of a television. This game application enables its users to accumulate game experience and acquire in-game goods and items by watching online videos. In addition, viewers can decorate their character avatar through object items and levelling-up bodies to create their video viewing avatar stronger.

The launch of the EarnTube app is scheduled for December this year. Meanwhile, the project accepts pre-registration for any video maker or user and can get an early-comer advantage when they are ahead of the usual mobile game launch. They started taking pre-registrations in October this year, and according to their twitter page, they attracted over 100,000 people in the first four weeks.

Furthermore, Jace, CEO of the EarnTube team, said about the vision of the company,

“We are committed to our mission to make the viewing experience a little more fun & productive.”

Consequently, EarnTube strives to change the paradigm of people’s video viewing experience from passive to active. It ultimately leverages the value that comes from the social interactions of the viewers. James, CPO of the EarnTube team, expressed his views by quoting,

“More than 700 million people spend more than an hour every day watching online videos. It’s our vision to turn this time into action, not wasted time. You don’t have to pay anything or know web3 to get on our service. You just have to have fun raising your character.”

About the Company – VIEW3

The VIEW3 is a challenging innovation company based in Singapore that changes the online video viewing experience. Lately, it has launched an application named EarnTube that transforms video viewing into a game.

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