Vidhi Ventures is all set to change the way you carry your bags by providing an alternative to leather bags.

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A bag is not just a bag, it’s a statement of your personality. Vidhi Ventures has provided an alternative to leather bags by introducing canvas, jute and cotton bags for modern-day fashionistas.

Bengaluru, Karnataka Dec 16, 2022 ( – With the rise in environmental concerns, more and more companies are turning to eco-friendly carry-bag manufacturers for their packaging needs. Eco-friendly carry bag manufacturers provide reusable bags that are made from sustainable materials such as jute, cotton, and recyclable polypropylene. These bags are not only durable and convenient, but they also help to reduce waste and promote sustainability.

Eco-friendly carry bags are great for companies that are interested in reducing their carbon footprint. They are designed to be sturdy and long-lasting, meaning that they can be used and reused many times over. This helps to reduce the amount of plastic bags that end up in landfills. They also come in a variety of colours, styles, and sizes, so they are easy to customize to meet the needs of any business.

Eco-friendly carry bags are also great for businesses that want to promote their brand. The bags can be personalized with logos, slogans, and other designs with custom printing. This helps to create a unique look that stands out from the crowd. It also creates an opportunity for businesses to promote green initiatives and highlight their commitment to sustainability.

Vidhi Ventures is a leading eco-friendly carry bag manufacturer that is committed to providing quality products that are designed to reduce environmental impact. Their reusable bags are made from durable and sustainable materials such as jute, cotton, and polypropylene, and they come in a variety of styles, sizes, and colours. The company also offers custom printing services so that businesses can create unique designs for their bags. Furthermore, they offer a comprehensive recycling program to ensure that production waste is kept to a minimum.

When selecting an eco-friendly carry bag manufacturer, it is important to do some research. Look for a company that uses quality materials and has a good track record for providing quality products. It is also a good idea to inquire about how the company recycles its production waste, as this can be a good indicator of its commitment to sustainability.

Vidhi Ventures is an ideal choice for businesses looking for an eco-friendly carry bag manufacturer. With their commitment to quality and sustainability, they are the perfect partner for businesses that want to reduce their environmental impact.

ITC Limited, Byju’s, Dunzo Daily, Fresho, RMKV Wedding Silks, The Times of India, simple namdhari’s, Dairy Day, Swiggy Instamart, Bigbasket, D mart, Big Bazaar, Lulu Malls, Spencer’s retail, Future retail, Reliance Industries Limited and more are some of the esteemed clients of Vidhi Ventures.

Vidhi Ventures made a decent business at the beginning making INR 15 lakhs of revenue per month, then accelerated at a supercharged pace with INR 66 lakhs per month and is expected to bring a yearly revenue of INR 3.5 crore for the year 2022.

Vidhi ventures have recently endeavoured into grocery trading such as rice, peanuts, and more. Moreover, Pratik Kumar is leading Vidhi Ventures on a mission to bring innovative solutions to neutralize carbon footprint by reusing a wide range of things in each area of the city.

Vidhi Ventures sets an example with its sustainable approach to business

Plastic bags are widely regarded for generating a significant amount of carbon footprint which contributes to excess Co2 in the environment, the abundant gas of Co2 leads to global warming. The manufacturing ecosystem of India has witnessed a rise in the adoption of sustainable business over the years, and companies like Vidhi Ventures continue to set an example in society.

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