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Video marketing – Selling through Video

Video marketing and sales is slowly creeping up on us and has become a way for businesses to gain a competitive edge on their peers.

Through the use of video one can:


-Follow up

-Offer a service

-Offer an opinion

-Display many human emotions that are hard to convey through text

Pitching to your client

If you operate a small business and either do the selling yourself or with the help of a colleague, at some point or another you’re going to get tired of being a human tape recorder and want to stop repeating yourself day in and day out. What if you could duplicate yourself?

Well, you can.

Of course there are things that should be done manually, such as answering the phone, whether it be by you or your administrative assistant, but once that portion is over, why not use video?

Here’s how:

Segment your business into the different offerings, let’s use a service business for this example. If you offer residential deep cleanses and carpet cleaning. Create a video for each. In this video, which will be included in a templated email that you can quickly send to any potential customers, you should consider doing the following.

Thank your potential custsomer for calling you and giving you the chance to give them a quote

Tell them a little about yourself

Highlight their problem

Show them you understand their pain

Explain why you’re the best option for them

Make them feel as though their not just a number to you

Let them know you look forward to serving them

Now, we’ve said a lot here. Let’s keep in mind that everybody is busy these days and attention spans are short. Try to keep this video under 1.5 minutes. Less than a minute is better. Show them your human side. Show them that if something were to go wrong during the service, you’re the kind of person that would empathize and be there to help guide them through the issue rather than tell them to take a hike.

Using video to follow up

Okay, so you’ve given your client a quote, and either included a video of yourself or not. Now it’s time to follow up. A good sales person knows that 5 to 10 follow ups are necessary and depending on your industry, you could get more business from follow ups than from intial quote responses. But following up is a drag isn’t it? So why not automate this also?

Keep in mind that you can’t include video in every email to your clients. It’s nice to keep a mix of, bear text, text and image, text and a video. This will give you the best chance of reaching them if they don’t ever watch your videos. In your follow up video, consider telling them about the things they wwould want to know that they haven’t yet asked.

Think about WISGAT. “What Is So Good About That?” Everything you say should answer this question in a positive manner and be helpful in their decision making of whether or not you’re the right service provider for them.

Depending on your industry, you may want to try a playful approach or a more serious approach. If you’re selling cleaning services, you could have a sense of humour if it is inline with your brand character. If you’re a divorce lawyer on the other hand, the chances are you need to keep it very serious and professional.

What are some questions your potential customers might want answered?

Do you have business insurance?

Are your employees insured and bonded?

How much experience do you have?

Why you’re in this business?

What’s your complaint rate?

Do you have any references? (consider having them pop into the video or read out a written reference)

How easy is it to sign up?

Is your team uniformed or not?

These are all things that you can convey in the video. However, more importantly than they information is conveying yourself. People want to do business with people they like, know and trust. So convey a tonality and a posture and facial expressions that convey the right image you believe your customers want to see and hear in your videos in order for them to purchase.

Video selling does not necessarily have to be this big fancy, expensive creation. Depending on your industry, it may be best to keep it simple. Peanutbutter SEO Ottawa helps its client with selling through video in ottawa and the valley. For more information visit the aforementioned link to see examples of their work.