Veteran Finance Expert Launches Innovative AI Course for Business Loan Brokers

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AI Marvels Sets the Pace in the Business Loan Brokerage Industry with Revolutionary AI-Based Course

Douglasville, Georgia Jun 22, 2023 ( – Cheryl Tibbs, a renowned finance expert with over three decades of experience under her belt, and her company, AI Marvels, are shaking up the business loan brokerage industry with their innovative course, “AI Lead Gen Mastery for Business Loan Brokers”. This course has been carefully designed to incorporate cutting-edge AI technology, offering brokers a way to significantly improve their efficiency and lead-generation tactics.

As a seasoned veteran in finance, Cheryl has observed and tackled the vast and multifaceted challenges that this industry presents. Harnessing this profound knowledge, she has crafted an AI-centered course that equips brokers with practical tools to streamline their business operations and accelerate their success.

The breadth of topics covered by “AI Lead Gen Mastery for Business Loan Brokers” is vast, and includes modules on using AI for lead generation, creating and using chatbots, email marketing strategies, and much more. By teaching brokers to automate traditionally manual tasks using AI, Cheryl’s course provides them with the freedom to prioritize client relationships and close deals.

At the heart of AI Marvels’ mission is the desire to future-proof the business loan brokerage industry. Cheryl Tibbs, now leading the charge as AI Marvels’ Chief Strategist, said, “The evolution of our industry waits for no one. This course equips brokers with the tools they need to stay ahead. The future is AI, and we’re excited to help our colleagues navigate this landscape with confidence.”

With a remarkable blend of Cheryl’s industry expertise and AI Marvels’ technological prowess, “AI Lead Gen Mastery for Business Loan Brokers” is set to transform the landscape of business loan brokerage. This pivotal course is now available on the company’s official website,, and is open for enrolments.

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