Veracious USA Launches Compliance Services for Companies

They are now offering full-service licensing, compliance, and business services for the cannabis, restaurant, and hotel industries.

Carson City, NEVADA, United States, 17th Mar 2023 – Veracious Compliance Solutions LLC is now bringing its 50 years of experience to the table to help serve entrepreneurs and large businesses alike. They offer full-service licensing and compliance for cannabis, restaurants, and hotel companies. Their regulatory compliance, permit and license acquisition, training, and compliance auditing experience have established them as industry leaders. Clients can now request an appointment to take their businesses to the next level.

Your company must abide by all applicable laws, rules, and codes of ethics to operate legally. In the business world, compliance can refer to either an “action” or a “standard.” It is an “action” if there’s a conscious recognition of the said rules and policies. It becomes the standard if you have a thoughtfully crafted set of rules and policies to support preserving security and stability in your business. As a business grows and is exposed to more challenges and audits, compliance for companies becomes crucial. Therefore, many businesses are linking up with Veracious today, as they have a 95% win rate on highly competitive state and local licenses (especially cannabis).

Not only that, but Veracious also has subject-matter experts with experience reviewing and scoring license applications for multiple state governments. They know what the states want to see. Their highly experienced experts and application writers have a combined experience of over 100 years in cannabis alone. They have advanced degrees, including many with master’s, J.D.s, and PhDs.

On the other hand, their services for hoteliers help clients prevent complaints and stay compliant with public health and safety codes through regular independent audits. Their team can evaluate the facility and alert the client of potential problems. 

The Veracious team is also well equipped to perform food safety audits, pest inspections, brand standards audits, behavioral audits, food safety training, organic inspections, etc., to safeguard restauranters from failing the unannounced inspections conducted by the Department of Health/

“Our goal at Veracious Solutions is to ensure that your company succeeds—with maximum profits, complete regulatory compliance, and more effective operations. We maintain your company’s optimal operation in the background so you can concentrate on what’s most important: expanding your company. We abide by our values of accountability, honesty, trust, innovation, and integrity to provide the best services”, stated the company.


About the Company

Veracious is a comprehensive licensing, compliance, and business services provider that can provide all the services required for regulatory compliance at a significantly lower price. They take the time to make everything understandable as they translate the rules and properly train your staff.

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