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Though dental visits are essential for long-term health and wellness, approximately 1 in 3 Americans admit to having a fear of the dentist. The updated sedation options from Anacapa Dental Art Institute, for Westlake Village and the surrounding area, allow these patients to access anything from regular checkups to full dental implants, while under mild oral sedation.

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Research has shown that many patients who are not comfortable visiting the dentist will delay getting routine dental work done, and this can often lead to more severe damage in the long run. Oral sedation can help these patients to have a pleasant visit and catch up on missed dental care, while remaining relaxed, or even sleeping through their appointment.

Oral sedation is often used for patients with a fear or phobia of the dentist, but it is also available for patients who simply want a painless and pleasant experience. Though on rare occasions the dental team may recommend general anesthesia, mild oral sedation is enough for most patients to overcome any fears or discomfort, while remaining awake through the procedure.

This process is also known as “relaxation dentistry,” because patients often report feeling aware of everything around them, though they feel unconcerned and deeply relaxed. The oral sedatives will be administered before the appointment, under the supervision of a certified professional, who will also monitor the patient’s condition throughout their appointment.

Anacapa Dental Art Institute offers sedation dentistry for their full range of services, both functional and cosmetic, though patients are encouraged to discuss their sedation needs with the dental team when making an appointment. This will allow the dental team to assess their individual needs and determine the most efficient way to complete the required dental work while minimizing any potential discomfort.

One satisfied patient said, “They were very welcoming and personable, and created a warm, relaxing environment. I have and will continue to recommend Anacapa Dental and Dr. Jivraj to anyone and everyone who needs the type of miracles that they perform. A big thanks from me and my girlfriend. My entire family is so grateful. Dr. Jivraj will be my dentist until he retires.”

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