Vehicle Storage Can Save Money

West Carson, California – SecureSpace Self Storage West Carson is the area’s premier vehicle storage facility. With ample 12′ x 40′ covered parking spaces, there’s plenty of room for people to store their most precious personal possessions, from antique race cars to motorcycles and RVs. Vehicle storage can save money and reduce fears of damage being caused to these expensive investments.

Vehicle storage has long been thought to only be of benefit to those with boats during the dry season. This isn’t true, says SecureSpace Self Storage of West Carson. All sorts of vehicles can be stored, and there are many benefits to doing so.

SecureSpace Self Storage of West Carson recommends that people ask themselves whether or not they truly wish to store their car, truck, or another vehicle. Deployed military, travel nurses, and other people who are away from home for months on end might want to store their everyday driver. Likewise, someone leaving for an extended time, such as for a mission trip or opening up a new work location in another state, might wish to store their vehicle for 30 days or more.

People who own classic sports cars are also prime candidates for vehicle storage. While it’s true that cars are meant to be outside, sitting in one space exposed to the sun and other elements for too long can take a toll on a vehicle’s exterior finish. UV rays can even dull the interior. In areas where storms are possible, hail and falling debris can pose a hazard to a person’s vehicle if left from undercover. The covered vehicle storage spaces at SecureSpace Self Storage of West Carson can prevent these issues from rearing their ugly head.

Many people ask the staff at SecureSpace Self Storage West Carson how to prepare a vehicle for long-term storage. The experts here suggest that the first step is to give it a thorough cleaning. Water stains, bird droppings, dirt, and debris can cause major damage to the paint if left to sit. Further, food and liquid stains on the interior can cause foul odors and make it difficult to keep pests at bay.

The next step in preparing the vehicles for storage is to change the oil. Anything stored for longer than a month should have the oil changed, which can help keep the engine in top running shape. Next, SecureSpace Self Storage West Carson recommends charging and removing the battery. They remind customers that batteries do lose their charge over time and that the battery should be charged and stored in a safe location, such as the trunk of the vehicle, and then reinstalled when it’s time to go.

Blocking the wheels is another important part of prepping a vehicle for long-term storage. This should also include applying the parking brake if the vehicle will only be stored for a few weeks. For any longer than that, SecureSpace Self Storage West Carson does not recommend setting the parking brake but using tire stoppers to keep the vehicle rolling on a hill.

Finally, the experts at SecureSpace Self Storage West Carson recommend those choosing outdoor vehicle storage use an added layer of protection in the form of a weatherproof cover.

Vehicle storage is an excellent option for those with antique or recreational vehicles that they don’t want to store at home. While utilizing off-site storage may not be as convenient, it’s an excellent option that can save wear and tear on a vehicle in a safe and secure location; vehicles in storage are less likely to be broken into or damaged than those left unattended on the road.

SecureSpace Self Storage West Carson offers 12′ x 40′ outdoor parking. This is on top of climate-controlled units, enhanced security, and an electronic smart gate system.

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