Valparaiso Remote Worker Cost Of Living, Wi-Fi Speed & Co-Working Report Launch

What it means to be an employee is changing in recent years, and it’s now believed that up to 16% of companies hire exclusively remote workers. Crucial Constructs has launched a new digital nomad report focused on Valparaiso, Chile, to help remote employees find the best places to live, work, and visit while staying in the area.

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Digital nomads spending time in Chile are likely to end up in one of two places, the report explains, either the capital city Santiago or the more budget-friendly Valparaiso. While Valparaiso is a more affordable option, with single-bedroom apartments available for only $123 USD per month, there are a few drawbacks as well.

Though Crucial Constructs’ new report gives Valparaiso a 90% rating and ranks it as the 13th most popular digital nomad destination, unprepared travelers may have difficulty finding the best options for their living arrangements. The report highlights a significant gap between areas with affordable accommodations and fast internet speeds, and other areas with higher expenses or insufficient data speeds.

There are many co-working spaces around Valparaiso that remote workers can rent for approximately $36 USD per month, but the report shows that with average internet speeds of only 7 Mbps, it may take some time to find a location with fast enough internet speeds for some jobs. The report contains a section that breaks down the various neighborhoods, and what nomads can expect when living in different areas of the city.

While Valparaiso may have some drawbacks when it comes to working, the report explains that it more than makes up for these issues with the scenery, tourist attractions, and friendly locals. The area is considered to be very family-friendly and safe for travelers, with very few tobacco smokers and a low crime rate.

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