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Valerie Grand Shares 3 Secrets to Effectively Leverage Social Media Platforms for Massive Growth

Practically everyone in the world today has an idea of what social media is, and more than half of the world’s population has at least one social media account. When it all started taking shape, social media was a social space for meeting friends and keeping in touch with loved ones. However, it has now evolved into much more. According to Valerie Grand, social media platforms can now make or break your business.

The adoption of social media by most people has been gradual. However, it feels as though it has become a business tool overnight. Once social media became a focal point for most people’s lives, businesses had to find a way to get noticed by clients. This led to the revolutionization of marketing.

Valerie Grand is a social media celebrity and influencer as well as an eCommerce and NFT entrepreneur. Being in the social media space, Valerie understands the importance of leveraging social media platforms to grow a business. Through social media, you get to increase your brand awareness, visibility, and online following. You can also connect with your audience to generate more leads and thereby make more money.

Before sharing the secrets to massive growth using social media, Valerie reminds that it is important to first find the right platforms for your business before employing any strategies.

  • Understand your audience

The social media landscape is not difficult to crack when you understand your market. Valerie says that with a clear picture of your audience, you can craft strategies that meet their needs. Therefore, you should first define your target demographics and then understand their needs and interests in order to cater to them. Valerie also points out that modern consumers value relationships and experiences over a hard sell. Therefore, take time to make your customers feel appreciated, and they will tell others about you. This will help you grow your online following, engagement, and ultimately your business.

  • Promote your content

According to Valerie, the attention of your audience is your currency. This means that getting eyeballs on your social media pages is crucial to growth. The social media space is not about how much you post; it is about getting visibility for your posts. Therefore, you need to promote your content. Businesses that wait for organic growth never see results. This is because the social media space is saturated with content. So, take advantage of automation tools to maximize visibility on your pages. Valerie highlights that you should take advantage of cross-promotion, collaborate with others in your industry, and take advantage of influencer marketing to get your business noticed.

  • Stay ahead of the curb

Social media is ever-changing, and you need to change with it. Valerie stresses the importance of staying on top of trends and keeping up to date with changes in the social media landscape, such as alterations to algorithms and reading up on social media statistics. For instance, Valerie points out the growing popularity of short video content. This is a trend that businesses should leverage for growth.

As you go into it, you should know that social media is hard work, but you can’t afford to ignore it. Valerie Grand recommends the above tactics to help you navigate the social media landscape and grow your brand. Most importantly, remember that your audience is your top priority!