Valcrum Makes the Best Quality Hubcaps for Trailers

At some point, everyone who owns a trailer will have to replace hub caps. This is because they are produced with plastic that will easily crack. When it’s time for your hub cap replacement, people can either opt for another plastic hub cap, which they will have to replace again before long. Or…opt for something better. Valcrum offers the best hub cap option, made from aluminum alloy, providing long-lasting usage.

“There is no reason to replace one plastic hub cap with another plastic one,” says Alton Shelton, founder of Texas-based Valcrum. “Choose one made from an aluminum alloy so it will last and be durable.”

Shelton created the line of aluminum alloy hub caps for trailers after spending years working in the industry. Using trailers himself and working in repair shops, he saw one of the most common issues that the plastic versions don’t hold up. They are prone to cracking and are not durable. With that in mind, he set out to create something that would provide durability and longevity; thus, Valcrum was born.

Valcrum is a leader in providing high-quality hub caps with a 5-year warranty. The product line can fit most trailers, with available options ranging from 6,000 to 16,000 axles. There are replacements available for several brands, including Dexter and Lippert.

Some of the features on the Valcrum hub caps for trailers include:

  • Being Universal Threaded Hub Caps made from durable aluminum alloy
  • Having a Zerk fitting port for those who wish to convert their oil bath hubs to grease-packed hubs
  • An improved standard vent plug allows venting around a magnet and through the axis of a plug while trapping metallic debris, keeping it free from foreign substances that can cause bearing failure
  • Provide an oil level indicating window and easy access drain and fill port

“Our hubcaps take the industry up a notch,” added Shelton. “There’s no reason to settle for something that won’t last when we have such great options available today.”

Valcrumalso offers hubodemters, which track the mileage of the hubcaps for trailers. They also have a variety of redress kits, magnetic vent plugs, kits and accessories, and aluminum alloy universal wrenches. The products were created by those working in the trailer repair business after seeing many plastic ones cracking. To get more information about the products, find a dealer location, or purchase products online, visit the website at:

About Valcrum, LLC

Valcrum, LLC is a company based in Cypress, Texas, that specializes in making high-quality aluminum trailer hubcaps and hubodometers. The company focuses on universal thread models for consumers and dealers, offering their products online and at trailer parts stores around the nation. For more information or to purchase a Valcrumaluminum hubcap, visit the site at:

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