Valcrum Hubodometer Tracks Trailer Mileage with Ease

Millions of people own trailers and use them for many different reasons. Most people, however, have no clue how many miles they have on their trailer. Valcrum, the company that makes high-quality aluminum alloy upgraded hubcaps, also offers a way to track the mileage on trailers. The Valcrum Hubodometer makes it simple for trailer owners to track how many miles are being put on.

“Nobody needs to guess anymore about the trailer mileage because we have made tracking it simple,” says Alton Shelton, founder of Texas-based Valcrum. “All you have to do is add the Hubodometer to the hubcap, and the device will do the rest of the work. Anytime you want to check the mileage, take a look.”

Working like an odometer, the Valcrum Hubodometer tracks every mile that has been put on the trailer. It has been designed for light and medium-duty trailers and fits most 16″ to 17.5″ tires. The small device attaches to the ends of the trailer wheels so it can accurately assess how many miles the vehicle is traveling. This provides a helpful guide to determine when things need to be replaced, including the tires.

The Valcrum Hubodometer for trailers requires no maintenance or programming. They are designed to precisely track the mileage, which can help monitor trailer maintenance intervals, track warranties, record lease charges, and more. They have metal internal parts and zinc-coated die-cast housing and can easily be counterbalanced. Every Valcrum Hubodometer has a warranty that covers three years or 300,000 miles, and they come with the necessary bracket for full assembly.

“It only takes a few minutes to add one of these to your trailer,” added Shelton. “Then you will have the details you need that can be used in various ways. It’s well worth the investment.”

The Hubodometers for trailers come in three options and can be purchased online or at select dealers. Valcrum, a full line of high-quality aluminum alloy hubcap replacements, offers kits and accessories, aluminum alloy universal wrenches, redress kits, magnetic vent plugs, and more. To get more information about the products, find a dealer location, or purchase products online, visit the website at:

About Valcrum, LLC

Valcrum, LLC is a company based in Cypress, Texas, that specializes in making high-quality aluminum trailer hubcaps and hubodometers. The company focuses on universal thread models for consumers and dealers, offering their products online and at trailer parts stores around the nation. The product line was created by Alton Shelton, who had worked in the trailer industry for years, including in repair shops. Seeing a need for a longer-lasting product, he designed a line of hubcap upgrades made from aluminum alloy. For more information or to purchase a Valcrum aluminum hubcap, visit the site at:

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