Using B2B marketplace to rapidly scale your business, all you need to know

A B2B marketplace is a type of eCommerce platform that brings together B2B buyers and sellers to enable them to do business online in one place. In a B2B marketplace, suppliers, brands, manufacturers, wholesalers, etc. can sell their products and services to other businesses.

Although the B2B marketplaces were here for many years now, the pandemic outburst forever changed B2B sales and once again proved the importance of B2B marketplaces. With businesses moving online, in order to survive it became crucial to successfully operate your business online. And that, besides selling your product or service online, also includes finding suppliers, manufacturers, and any other segment of the way you operate your business.

Additionally, this new way of business operations can be a struggle for small businesses and startups since it’s difficult for them to pivot. This is not the case with large corporations that have years of existence and experience in their field. Luckily, there are already B2B marketplaces that are constantly improving their services to help small businesses and startups adapt easily to such changes.

Speaking of which, Enterprise League is a B2B marketplace that is helping small and medium-sized businesses and startups connect and trade. With over 100k companies from around the globe, they have an extensive pool of the best suppliers, manufactures, sellers, etc. of any kind.

The countless benefits of businesses who use a B2B marketplace

Although the benefits of using a B2B marketplace nowadays are countless, below we have briefly listed the biggest benefits all types of companies such as suppliers, buyers, manufacturers, and distributors can enjoy if they use it.


From a supplier’s standpoint, using a B2B marketplace means opening new sales channels and continuously reaching new market segments. Hence, as a powerful tool to attract new customers, it also allows you to implement automated cross-sell and upsell recommendation programs.

Additionally, since businesses will be able to order online, you can have more time to focus on improving your products or services.


B2B marketplaces offer unique opportunities for buyers too since they can make substantial cost reductions and streamline their procurement process. The most obvious benefit for buyers who use B2B marketplaces is easily finding business partners.

Moreover, you can find the best price offers, specific needed products, and even choose to pay with the payment process which fits them best.


B2B marketplaces are imperative for successful manufacturers since their main goal is to collaborate with many different businesses. You can connect with suppliers, find new buyers, A/B test new products, understand your competition, and build relationships with suppliers. All this and much more can be done on a B2B platform such as Enterprise League.


Distributors who use B2B marketplaces can easily connect with other businesses that might be interested in their products and reach new markets. By choosing the right B2B platforms you can connect with businesses and find out if they need a distributor from anywhere in the world.

How to stand out and succeed in a B2B marketplace

Since we’ve established the importance of using a B2B marketplace and how many businesses are already leveraging its benefits, let’s find out how to steal the spotlight when using a B2B marketplace with thousands of companies.

The first thing you must do after you create your profile is to add your products and services. When interested businesses come to your profile they need to quickly and easily understand what your business actually does or else they will likely lose interest.

Hence, having your products and services all listed there will tell them what your company does and they will immediately know if it fits their business needs.

But don’t stop here. Make sure your profile is always up to date with your latest product offers and services. In B2B marketplaces, the more you have to offer, the easier it is to be discovered.

Be specific, get straight to the point. Share what makes you different from other companies that provide the same product or service. Be unique, explain your products and services in detail so you can entice your potential customers to discuss potential collaborations.

Finally, to succeed in a B2B marketplace you need to learn more about the specific marketplace you choose. How does it work and what are the most important features you need to focus on? For that purpose, we’ve outlined some useful secrets to help your company stand out in one of the world’s best B2B marketplace for small businesses and startups.

The best B2B marketplace for small businesses and startups

Enterprise League, besides the fact that it is focused on small businesses and startups, it’s the best choice since it has 3 major key features that are proven for business growth. Because the concept of an online business directory was outdated and proven to not work, they created a multi-level platform as a solution where businesses can connect, communicate and collaborate with each other.

All the products and services added by the companies appear in the Marketplace. There you can find a new product to add to your line, manufacturer, a service provider to outsource to, or suppliers of specific products… The list of possibilities is endless.

The second level of the platform is the Dealzone – a section on the platform with lucrative business deals. Business deals are active tenders that a business publishes looking for a collaboration. Every member can publish a buy or a sell deal and once the deal is published, interested parties can send their best collaboration proposals.

Last but not least is the Business Directory where you can find all member companies on the platform. Since it has more than 100k companies, Enterprise League has developed an AI-powered search algorithm that will help you simplify your search to easily find exactly what you need.

Plans and Pricing

Enterprise League offers 3 plans for members, each of them promising business growth and endless business opportunities. You can easily sign up and try it with the Free plan (no credit card needed), created for businesses with no budget that still wants to grow.

Alternatively, you can choose one of the more advanced plans like Premium ($19.59) or Ultimate Plan ($99.59) for faster growth.