USDA Certified Hemp Oil Tincture For Dogs & Cats | Pet Health Range Updated

Following over a decade of research into the efficacy of hemp oil in pet care, the recent addition of the nutrient-rich Vitality range to the store’s selection addresses various pet health issues, from arthritis to stress and anxiety.

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PetVetsRX has announced the availability of its hemp oil-based tinctures ahead of the upcoming holidays, which bring anxiety-inducing fireworks and colder temperatures that could exacerbate osteoarthritis pain in dogs and cats.

The organic hemp oil tinctures can also be used to address separation anxiety by pet owners who need to leave their animals at home alone for long periods while they travel during the holiday season. The nutrient can be given to dogs and cats throughout the whole year to offset negative experiences in stress-causing situations, such as visiting the vet’s office or the groomer.

The tinctures contain organic phytocannabinoid-rich hemp extract known to reduce pain and inflammation while also providing significant mental and physical health benefits. In addition to high-quality hemp oil, Pet Vets RX’s tinctures are also blended with premium organic virgin olive oil which delivers additional benefits such as improving the pet’s skin and coat.

The brand’s nutrient-rich tinctures have been specially developed for cats and dogs with a non-psychoactive, vegan formula designed to reduce signs of anxiety including aggression, noise phobias, and fear. The natural pet care brand notes that the product’s stress-relieving benefits accrue with consistent usage.

All tinctures of PetVetsRX’s Vitality range are tested in a third-party lab, certified by the USDA, and manufactured in the US. They recommend adding the hemp oil tincture to the animal’s food or placing it directly into the mouth.

About PetVetsRX

PetVetsRX offers products that can holistically improve pet health by alleviating pain, encouraging deeper sleep, and minimizing mood disorders such as depression. New evidence suggests that phytocannabinoid-rich tinctures can also be effective in treating seizures in dogs and cats.

The store also sells hand-crafted, vet-approved, and manufactured hemp oil-based treats that become part of daily training routines as a healthy reward for positive behavior.

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