US Trezor Model One Cold Crypto Hardware Wallet With Seed Phrase Storage, Update

The Crypto Merchant’s latest launch sees the addition of Trezor Model One to its extensive inventory of cold wallets, cases, and recovery plates for digital currency traders and investors. The company’s web store features an expertly-curated collection of security and storage tools to help customers protect their assets.

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The newly-released Trezor Model One provides a simple, user-friendly solution to securely send, receive, and manage digital coins. The wallet comes with a companion app that allows users to pay for goods and services with just a few clicks. The Model One is a compact, two-button device that offers a secure connection and charging via USB.

Trezor has established itself as a pioneering force in the crypto space, designing and manufacturing cutting-edge tools for miners, traders, and investors. For over 10 years, the store has been offering more secure alternatives to coin storage on online exchanges and software wallets with robust payment solutions.

The Model One allows users to store and protect keys, passwords, sensitive financial information, and other personal data. All transactions completed through the device are independently verified and require a physical confirmation via the unit itself.

The wallet prevents unauthorized access via a user-defined PIN. This passcode can be up to 50 characters long. In addition, users can set a passphrase to add an extra layer of security against bad actors and protection in the event of a theft. The device also has recovery seed phrase storage functions.

Trezor devices meet all of the required reliability, quality, and environmental standards, providing CE and RoHS certification for users’ peace of mind. Its lightweight and compact design make it easy to travel with. Created with the roving crypto trader in mind, the Model One cannot be damaged by airport x-ray machines. The device also comes with a 120 MHz embedded ARM processor for rapid and responsive transactions.

A spokesperson for the store says, “All wallets are brand new, sourced directly from our partners, and verified secure. Our US-based team of crypto experts has your back with unlimited phone and email access.”

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