US Sexual Addiction Rehab | Trauma-Informed Residential Program Launched

The new program guides patients to address their deeply rooted trauma and understand how it has manifested in addictive behaviors. Utah Addiction Centers believes that “mental health comes first” and always crafts its treatment programs to resolve childhood pains and past experiences that may have contributed to current behaviors.

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With the new program, patients work with their therapist weekly in a safe and non-judgmental environment. Here, they are encouraged to speak about their challenges with intimacy. Patients are encouraged to first recognize that they have a problem before true healing can begin.

Utah Addiction Centers’ new trauma-informed care residential program uses a holistic approach to wellness, optimizing the traditional 12-step model, psychotherapy, and medical services to provide patients with the best chance for complete recovery from their addiction. The goal of the center is to equip patients with the essential knowledge, support, and tools they need to maintain a positive and healthy life.

Nymphomania can hinder a person’s ability to enjoy emotional intimacy in relationships. Therapists at the center are specifically trained to work with nymphomaniacs, understanding the nuances of the addiction and how it can manifest in daily life. Its team has been certified by the International Institute of Trauma and Addiction Professionals (IITAP). Further details can be found at

In the program, the center utilizes skills and theories from many of the leading health researchers and has incorporated them into individualized treatment plans for its clients. Depending on the severity of the condition, patients may need to follow their treatment plan for several weeks to a few months.

Aftercare is also provided. Clients are encouraged to participate in support groups while continuing with their individual therapy.

Utah Addiction Centers handle all types of addictions, from drug and substance abuse to nymphomania. All of its treatment plans are customized to the needs of the patients. On occasion, family therapy is also recommended to ensure that all underlying issues are addressed.

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