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US Print Mail Outsourcing: Invoice Processing For Healthcare Providers Updated

As part of the latest move, Towne Mailer offers clients its expertise in the printing, processing, and mailing of important documents. The company provides fast turnaround times of no more than 24 hours from when an order is placed.

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The announcement details Towne Mailer’s full suite of print and postal solutions. This includes the high-end production of invoices, bills, statements, newsletters, and fliers. As specialists in outsourcing, the team offers clients a way to save time and implement a more cost-efficient system for printing and mailing essential documentation.

While the digital age has seen the email and online communications overtake traditional forms of correspondence, studies suggest that direct mail remains a powerful tool for any business. A survey by The Data & Marketing Association revealed that over 42% of direct mail recipients either read or scan the post they receive. Email is hailed as a cheaper alternative but direct mail still delivers better results.

Towne Mailer offers high-quality printing of documents such as statements, invoices, mail merge letters, tax notices, bills, jury questionnaires, loan coupons, newsletters, fliers, and personalized letters.

The ordering process is simple. Customers are invited to discuss their requirements with the team before uploading a file to produce a test print. This procedure comes with no obligation or charge. Once the initial proof is approved, printing, processing, and mailing begins in earnest with most jobs in production and completed within a few days. Clients can also tweak the design of their prints, replace logos, and change formats as required.

For healthcare practices and home care services that have neither the time nor resources to produce materials in-house, Towne Mailer offers a versatile and cost-effective solution. The company possesses the knowledge, technical expertise, specialized machinery, and logistical network to fulfill printing jobs at a fraction of the cost of clients doing it for themselves.

A spokesperson says, “All of our clients save time and money by outsourcing their printing, processing, and mailing needs. That’s because we specialize in what we do and have spent years perfecting the process from start to finish. By using experts and specialists, you are not only making the most efficient choice for your business but you are also freeing up your staff to do more important higher-level and day-to-day tasks.”

With its latest service updates for the healthcare industry, Towne Mailer continues to set the standard for direct mail printing across the Mountain West and beyond.

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