US Outdoor Equipment One-Stop Shop: Family Cabin, Pop-Up & Dome Tents Launched

The Delaware-based online shopping company has launched an e-commerce store that features eight main categories of products, from bikes to hoverboards, drones, and camping equipment. These products are geared toward families with children and young adults, for whom the pandemic resulted in increased time spent indoors and higher levels of obesity.

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Sealy Gill’s newly released product line also includes fishing equipment, metal detectors, scooters, and accessories such as helmets, sun hats, and solar power stations for camping trips. The firm’s goal is not to promote healthy outdoor activities for their own sake, but rather to encourage families to enjoy themselves by indulging in fresh-air recreational pursuits that are fun for everyone.

During the pandemic, sedentary lifestyles and the stress associated with managing new routines and behaviors led to increased obesity rates among both adults and children. In addition, the mental stress and anxieties of being kept indoors are well documented. Researchers in 2022 found that children’s moderate-to-vigorous physical activity rates declined by 20% during the pandemic – and dropped off even more sharply for more demanding physical activities.

While inactivity impacts physical health, even short amounts of physical activity have been shown to improve people’s cognition.

Sealy Gill’s product line includes over one hundred camping products and related accessories. For example, the 8-person camping tent for families or parties offers a simple setup and comes with a portable bag for traveling and hiking. Portable power generators are available, as well as cooking gear like the bonfire party fire pit with an outdoor grill.

The company’s wide selection of hoverboards meets the demands for adventurous fun, core-body workouts, and cardiovascular exercise – but unlike a treadmill, they are made for outdoor transportation. The shop features basic hoverboards and premium models outfitted with Bluetooth speakers.

Moreover, the firm’s selection of drones, fishing equipment, scooters, and metal detectors serves to inspire families, friends, and individuals looking to spend more time enjoying life outdoors.

“We know that Americans want to spend more time breathing the fresh air and enjoying the great outdoors,” said a company spokesperson. “But sometimes we get stuck in our routines and are saddled with our gym memberships – so we feel too guilty to enjoy ourselves. Fun ‘n’ Fresh Air lets you out of your cage – so you can really enjoy yourself, with the whole family.”

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