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The firm now offers an extensive community of Latin American software developers, specializing in front-end, back-end, mobile applications, QA, cloud, data management, and more. Talent can now be engaged via a streamlined hiring process, and can either augment an existing IT team or be employed as a dedicated team.

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With the latest update, ParallelStaff builds on its successful nearshore staffing solution, which offers pre-selected talent in the same time zone as US organizations. The firm believes that this enables greater scalability, while also removing many of the problems experienced with offshore outsourcing.

A recent Forbes report highlights the advantages and disadvantages of traditional outsourcing models. Among the benefits, development projects can be completed in much shorter timeframes, while remaining flexible and cost-effective. Some of the greatest challenges identified include collaborating in different time zones, language barriers, and maintaining adequate control.

The enhanced solutions from ParallelStaff are designed to retain the advantages identified by Forbes, without compromising on quality. Candidates in the expanded talent pool have been carefully selected for their native-English speaking skills, as well as their knowledge of systems and processes used in the US. Staff also work in the same time zone, allowing for more seamless integration.

The firm’s streamlined hiring process also offers the ability to identify and onboard staff in 5-10 business days. ParallelStaff states that it works in partnership with client companies to understand project requirements and identify the most suitable talent. A proactive approach during onboarding aims to reduce the time taken for new teams to perform.

About ParallelStaff

Headquartered in the US, ParallelStaff developed its nearshore staffing service to provide reliable and flexible solutions to the challenges faced in the modern IT industry. The firm uses a comprehensive vetting process that includes skill-set screening, English language assessments, technical proficiency tests, and background checks.

One VP of Engineering recently stated: “Having access to such a vast talent community, ParallelStaff has allowed us to staff our teams with highly skilled engineers, so we can now complete our projects faster than ever. Their hiring process is far better than any other outsourcing company in the region, so we can always rely on them.”

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