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The firm’s growing selection of skilled candidates covers a variety of back-end, front-end, and mobile development requirements, including Java, Visual Basic, NodeJs, Ruby on Rails, ReactJS, angular, and more. All developers have been assessed for their experience and technical ability, and have strong English-speaking skills.

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ParallelStaff’s nearshore outsourcing solution is designed to eliminate many of the hurdles associated with traditional offshore outsourcing, such as differing time zones, and unfamiliarity with the systems and processes used in the US. Talent can be engaged to augment an existing capability, and dedicated teams are also offered.

A recent study from tech services firm Commit found that almost 70% of companies spend one month or more in the recruitment of suitably skilled software developers. Given the considerable time and expense involved, the research also predicts that outsourcing of software development roles will significantly increase in 2023.

With its expanded nearshore talent pool, ParallelStaff believes that it is well-placed to meet the growing demand. The firm explains that hiring Latin American candidates offers several advantages, including the ability to work on client premises, as well as the greater collaboration that is possible when working in the same time zone.

ParallelStaff has also streamlined its hiring process, now allowing organizations to identify and onboard staff in 5 to 10 business days. This is designed to provide more flexible and scalable solutions, which are often key requirements for software development projects.

About ParallelStaff

Incorporating a rigorous selection process, ParallelStaff aims to eliminate many of the quality concerns traditionally associated with outsourcing. Candidates are screened for skill set and experience and must pass English and technical assessments, along with background checks, prior to being added to the firm’s current talent pool.

One director of configuration recently remarked: “We could quickly complement our internal team and find the exact skills we were looking for by partnering with ParallelStaff. We have been well taken care of by the ParallelStaff team at every stage of the process.”

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