US Custom Valentine’s Day Coffee Mugs, Romantic & Novelty Collection Launched

The coffee mugs are being released ahead of Valentine’s Day and offer shoppers an array of gift-giving options that range in tone from romantic to novelty. “Forget Me Not Novelties” believes that a custom mug is a practical, thoughtful and playful gift to give a loved one on this popular holiday, especially if that loved one is also a coffee lover.

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With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, “Forget Me Not Novelties” knows that now is the time that couples across America start planning and shopping for gifts. The store also knows that this year, for Valentine’s Day, the trend is for custom gifts that really reflect a couple’s relationship, rather than expensive yet generic items.

The store’s Valentine’s Day-themed coffee mugs are both affordable and customizable, with shoppers being able to select from a wide range of colors, font styles, graphics, and messages.

On the sentimental side, “Forget Me Not Novelties” recommends their new ‘I’m a Keeper – Valentine’s Day Gift Coffee Mug,’ which features a charming illustration of a bee against a timeless white background.

On the more playful side, one popular new mug is their ‘One Awesome Husband Coffee Mug’, which features this slogan and an upward pointing arrow. The handmade ceramic mug features handwritten style lettering and can be selected in vivid hues like light blue and lime green.

For husbands looking to gift something to their wives, the store also has their new ‘I’m Not Perfect Coffee Mug’, which has a message that says “I’m not perfect but I have a pretty awesome wife, that’s close enough”.

Another variation that “Forget Me Not Novelties” is now offering its shoppers is their colored camping-style mugs, which can be customized with the names of the couple and the year they got together.

“Forget Me Not Novelties” also has a new collection of Valentine’s Day-appropriate t-shirts, sweatshirts, and more. They ship their wares across the US.

A spokesperson for the popular Etsy giftware store said, “This Valentine’s Day, enjoy our ever-growing selection of premium quality, unique gift ideas, sure to delight. Be sure to click on the bell icon so that you are notified when we put up new products. Hope to see you soon.”

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