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Urjil Sanghvi shares tips on how to kickstart your career before graduation

Let’s face it, treading on the career path that you have chosen for yourself might not always be that easy. As a student, when you face worldwide cutthroat competition in whatever field you are in, you need to revolutionize your mindset to achieve the goals you have set for yourself. More importantly, do you need to wait for graduation before you realize your dreams? If not, what can you do to boost your career right from your college days?

Urjil Sanghvi is an equity research analyst at the Berkeley Investment Group. All this while, he is also pursuing his undergraduate degree in Data Science and Economics. Moreover, he also started a non-profit organization in collaboration with his brother to benefit the underprivileged in society. Inspiring, right?

At the same time, it looks like something that requires a lot of effort. Like it is said of all things that seem difficult- it either makes or breaks you. One of the primary driving forces behind Urjil’s achievement is that “if I can work hard now, I won’t have to, later” Once you start building on your dreams right from college, you provide yourself the freedom in the future to work for yourself on your terms.

The journey through this road is not going to be an easy one; hurdles are bound to obstruct your path. It is your confidence in yourself that will keep you going. Urjil Sanghvi has learned a lot from his grandfather, who established a successful business in a new city with his “honest hard work and resilience.”

Invest time in researching your field of interest. Try to make a career out of what you love doing. Urjil started his career from his love for reading about companies and understanding their nuances from an investor’s point of view. He shares that this has helped him gain an edge over others and helped him make money. He also interned at various firms so that he could “make an informed decision.” According to him, having a friend circle with whom you can discuss your interests benefits you greatly and helps you expand your thinking process.

Urjil Sanghvi says that having faith in yourself is the key. According to him, “doing more is not always doing better.” It is a process of learning. You should not strain yourself too much but also be constantly looking for the best opportunities coming your way. He believes that a balanced life is essential. We wish him the very best in all his future endeavors and all those looking to build a successful career.