Uplifting Podcast Helps Women Find Peace & Comfort: Biopsychosocial Tips Launch

The new episodes consider several scientific methods to embody love and begin manifesting faster. Donnalynn’s most recent podcast features Alison Leitheiser who discussed how to find joy using the nervous system. In the episode, both Riley and Leitheiser explain the scientific experience of joy and the ways a person can consciously “trigger” the body to feel happy.

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As outlined in the latest episode, feeling happy and grateful is the key to faster manifestation. One of the essential concepts of the Law of Attraction is that “like attracts like”: Positive thoughts and a higher vibration attract similar positive and higher vibrating experiences. It is believed that everything a person wants can be attracted with the right mindset.

This can become challenging for those who struggle to feel happy. Riley explains that forcing someone to feel happy creates a vicious cycle, one wherein the individual can never feel joy because they’re too focused on experiencing that emotion.

Instead, she recommends doing simple activities to physically influence one’s body. This “detachment” to joy and focus on health allows a person to become more receptive to the Law of Attraction.

This concept was also explained in Riley’s other episodes, such as “The Easy Way to Find Self-Love, Energy, and Unlimited Power” with Jenny Mannion and “How to Connect to Your True Intuition” with Nicole H.R.

“Finding Your Spark Again” is the passion project of Donnalynn Riley who wants to share messages of hope and love to the public so that they can attract the life of their dreams.

Riley writes, “Finding and keeping that spark of joy that makes life not only worth living, but worth wahoo-ing about, takes skill and practice. It may seem like a once-in-a-lifetime type of happiness but the truth is that there are spiritual and physiological solutions to the problem of consistently tapping into peace, love, excitement, and joy without ever having to fake it.”

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