Upcycled Steampunk Rustic Liquor Cabinet – Repurposed Furniture Range Updated

The recently updated collection includes items made from odd and often fully functional pieces, such as scooters, bicycles, railroad posts, and even phone booths amongst others.

More details can be found at https://www.loomlan.com/collections/home-bar-furniture-bar-cabinets-home-bar-ideas

The new additions to the collection came in response to the recent increased interest in and popularity of upcycled, reused, and repurposed furniture, particularly in the ever-growing design area of steampunk style.

LOOMLAN’s expanded selection of furniture collects together a unique and eclectic mix of pieces that add a touch of boldness to any room. Investing in a statement piece of furniture has long been used as a clever interior design technique to bring individuality and personality to a space. With the latest additions, many of the pieces in this collection offer curious and beautiful opportunities to do so.

Industrial and steampunk stylings remain popular, and the company’s upcycled collection brings together the best of the two concepts, in such pieces as the 84″ Steampunk Game Room Home Bar Cabinet. A rare find, the product has been created using repurposed materials, bringing together old and new ideas in one design. Painted a deep navy blue, the unusual home bar is much like a Victorian car in appearance, with the bonnet opening up to reveal a space to store liquor.

For those who prefer to ride solo, LOOMLAN’s latest collection also includes the 84″ Home Bar Repurposed Urban Motorcycle Island. Expertly crafted from an original motorcycle, the item has been repurposed and upcycled with the addition of a mango wood countertop and open wine rack. A bold statement piece, the product has been finished in an industrial burnished metal color to complement the original styling of the motorcycle, which remains almost intact.

With the latest announcement, LOOMLAN continues to invest in collecting together curious and stylized pieces of upcycled furniture, offering a unique highlight for any home. For those with more classic tastes, the company also offers a wide range of rustic and traditional furniture.

“I’m currently re-furnishing my home one room at a time, and I’ve had great results buying from LOOMLAN,” said one happy customer. “The customer service was easy, and I found a unique home bar cabinet that I haven’t seen anywhere else. A nice rustic style, it’s perfect for my man-cave.”

Interested parties can find more information by visiting https://www.loomlan.com/collections/home-bar-furniture-bar-cabinets-home-bar-ideas

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