Unlock the Power of Solar Energy with New Jersey Solar Initiative

As more people appreciate the importance of reducing their carbon footprint, New Jersey Solar Initiative facilitates using clean, low-cost energy through several programs. These programs allow customers to obtain free solar panels and buy electricity produced at a fixed price.

Renewable energy is becoming a reality thanks to the Solar Initiative Program. This program, by New Jersey Solar Initiative, enables homeowners to benefit from low-cost clean energy. This is made possible through a Power Purchase Agreement that provides an affordable price for solar energy. Additionally, the Property Tax Exemption eliminates the cost of property taxes on solar installations. On top of this, a Federal Tax Credit of 26% is available to those who install solar panels. Homeowners can access various savings opportunities by taking advantage of this solar initiative.

“With New Jersey Solar Initiative, homeowners can reap the benefits of clean, renewable energy and the potential savings that come with it,” said the company representative.

A question that most homeowners ask is, “what are my energy savings?” The New Jersey Solar Initiative offers a step-by-step guide to estimate savings. Clients can see their solar energy savings by easily entering their property info information online into the company’s solar calculator. This information includes details such as the location and size of the property’s roof. After entering this information, clients can also enter their energy usage to estimate their potential savings accurately.

By calculating the cost of electricity and available incentives, the calculator will be able to generate a report with an estimated breakdown of costs and savings associated with solar energy systems. With these calculations, homeowners can make an informed decision when considering solar energy.

What makes solar system installation more alluring is the Property Tax Exemption. This incentive eliminates any costs from property taxes on solar installations, further reducing the overall cost of a solar energy system. By leveraging the property tax exemption program, homeowners can access clean, renewable energy at an affordable price.

The federal government also offers a 26% federal tax credit for those who install solar panels, further incentivizing homeowners to take advantage of the clean and low-cost energy from the sun. New Jersey Solar Initiative will guide its clients on how to take advantage of these tax credits.

Besides the various financial incentives, homeowners can also benefit from solar renewable energy credits (SREC) when they install a solar system. An SREC is an energy commodity that can be exchanged for cash or other forms of currency, and when homeowners sell their excess solar energy, they receive credits. This provides another incentive for homeowners to install a solar system and join the clean energy revolution.

Clients can find New Jersey Solar Initiative at 247 E Front St, Trenton, NJ, 08611, US. In addition, clients can call the solar financing company at (609) 566-8975 or visit its website to get to learn more about New Jersey Solar Initiative.

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