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Benefits of Building an Alternative House DIY.

Building an alternative house is a great way to gain freedom from the stress of living in a city and the burden of monthly housing costs. Alternative building styles, such as AirCrete, offer a unique and cost-effective way to build a home that is both sustainable and energy-efficient. Not only can money be saved on housing costs, but there are also emotional benefits to be gained from learning new skills and having the freedom to do more desirable life activities. The feeling of accomplishment and empowerment from building one’s own alternative house hand on is like no other feeling of accomplishment.

Earth houses, wood houses, straw houses, bamboo houses, stone houses, tiny houses, shipping-crate homes, and wood-pallet homes are all examples of alternative housing options. Aircrete, as taught at https://tinygiantlife.biz/ is a very versatile building product that is lightweight, DIY friendly, and cost-effective. It is made by combining foam with concrete, which reduces the amount of raw materials needed and makes it a great building material and also adds insulation to the structure. Aircrete blocks are easy to cut and shape using standard woodworking tools, and they can be used to close up a space, fit around joists, or cut for specialty-shaped areas like around a chimney. The advantages of building with Aircrete include superior insulation properties due to the foam and air bubbles built into the concrete itself, as well as being water-rot-resistant, fire-resistant, pest resistant, and non-toxic. Additionally, Aircrete can be directly cast to create entire walls and the final product is much cheaper and lighter than traditional cinder blocks or concrete bricks, making AirCrete ideal for DIY home projects. With Aircrete, a home can quickly build by hand without heavy equipment. It’s possible to build a house as large as the budget allows or start with a tiny house of rapid completion. In addition to the financial benefits of building an alternative house, there are also emotional benefits. Learning new skills and having the freedom to do more life activities can be incredibly rewarding. Furthermore, getting out of the stress caused by living in a city surrounded by too many people crowded into tight spaces can be liberating. Living in the countryside can be a healthier and more peaceful lifestyle.

AirCrete alternative building is something that anyone on any budget willing to change their lifestyle and can lift 25 pounds can learn to do and afford. With the right tools and materials, it’s possible to build a beautiful and sustainable home that will last for years to come. Whether looking to save money on housing costs or just wanting to gain the emotional benefits of learning new skills and having the time and freedom to do life other activities beyond work and bills for a mere existence. There must after all be something more and better way to spend one’s lifetime outside of working. Right? AirCrete alternative building is a great option.

There are many students who have attended hands-on AIrCrete and Cast Earth Building workshops and events hosted by tiny-giant-lifestyle company. Those who attended have been blown away by how much value is packed into each event. From foundation to finish the two-week workshops convert plumbing, foundation cement works, engineering and making AirCrete, Designing off-grid power systems, electrical house wiring, sizing and installing air conditioning and heating, roofing, creating online business for income, casting earth, and learning what it actually takes to grow all the food one needs on site. That was a mouthful just to say.

The massive value packed into these events at https://tinygiantlife.biz/2021/02/14/aircrete-school-hands-on-training-workshops/ is perfect for anyone ready to build change into their life. The first-week covers actually building an AirCrete tiny house along with all the systems to make it functional and livable. The optional second week covers building an online business, what it really takes to grow 100% food, the building process for cast earth as a super-affordable alternative building process, and how to get land and reduce property taxes.

For those who can’t spare the time to travel and attend an event Tiny Gaint Life also offers an online video training course to equip skills and to build an AirCrete house. Step by Step the videos guide the new builder through the process. https://tinygiantlife.biz/aircrete-video-training/off-grid-aircrete-round-tiny-house-step-by-step/

Would love to hear comments on what such a lifestyle would mean. What would the emotional rewards be?

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