Universe Finance to launch Initial DEX Offering (IDO)

Universe Finance, a leading liquidity management protocol for Uniswap V3, has announced the launch of its Initial DEX Offering (IDO). This development is expected to kickstart a new era for the fast-growing DeFi protocol.

Universe Finance reveals IDO details

Universe Finance IDO will begin on the 15th of February and run until the 18th. Interested participants will be able to purchase the innovative token of the protocol UNT at the best possible price.

Holding the token will provide investors with access to one of the top liquidity management protocols in the blockchain industry. Universe Finance has been able to amass a growing community of enthusiasts, and the IDO is expected to be sold out based on existing demand for UNT tokens.

An innovative liquidity management protocol

Universe Finance has introduced a solution to the major problems users face with Uniswap V3. The liquidity management protocol allows users to get the very best out of their investment by reducing risk factors associated with trading with DEXs.

It has developed an innovative mechanism where users can leverage and manage their risks, rebalance their portfolios, and make stable returns in highly volatile markets. In addition, users can rest assured about the safety of their funds as Universe Finance deploys the latest security strategies.

Top cyber security firms have thoroughly audited its smart contracts to prevent manipulative mechanisms like flash loan assaults, sandwich attacks, price oracle manipulation and private key theft.

Users can also get real-time analysis about their portfolio and easily adjust strategies when using Universe Finance to manage their Uniswap capital.

About Universe Finance

Universe Finance is the leading liquidity platform for Uniswap V3 based on risk strategies that maximize returns and liquidity capital for users. Furthermore, Universe Finance is backed by top investment firms in the blockchain industry, including Biconomy, Poolz and TETU.

It has also partnered with Polygon, the layer-2 blockchain protocol that provides low transaction fees and scalable architecture for Ethereum native applications. As a result, users can leverage low transaction fees within their ecosystem and get more value for their digital assets.

Universe Finance has already revealed plans to add more chains, release a leverage vault and hit $1 billion in Uniswap v3 liquidity by 2020. It also intends to provide a private vault for DAO treasury administrator and launch an early adopter airdrop for UNT holders.

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