United Investors Group Shares Secrets to Financial Freedom with Rabu Gary’s 1/3 Rule

March 17th, 2022: United Investors Group, a social club dedicated to educating people about investing, has shared the secrets to financial freedom with Rabu Gary’s 1/3 Rule. The 1/3 Rule is the main foundation of United Investors Group’s Teachings. With the help of this rule, people can learn how to achieve financial freedom through investing. There are four aspects to Rabu Gary’s 1/3 Rule. The first is to never play with money you can’t afford to lose. The second is once you invest your money, forget that you ever had it. The third is to never spend energy thinking about making your money back. If you do, you will be lucky if you make a dime. The final aspect of the 1/3 Rule is once you start to make money on your principal investment, split those profits into three directions. Direction #1 states 1/3 goes to pay down any debt you have. Direction #2 states 1/3 is used to re-invest into passive income streams. Direction #3 states 1/3 is split in half. One half is used for taxes and the other half for fun.

“With the help of the 1/3 Rule, people will be able to change the relationship they have with money and build a lifestyle founded in financial freedom,” stated Rabu Gary. “We don’t require any membership fees, registration, or referrals—we just want to help people succeed.”

Currently, United Investors Group has over 50,000 members. Members can join the Facebook Support Group for live support and networking opportunities. Working with United Investors Group is low risk with high reward, and members have the ability to withdraw their earnings daily.

To learn more about finding financial freedom with the help of United Investors Group International, go to  https://uigi.io

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