Understanding What an Unlimited Mobile Data Plan Means

If you never had an unlimited mobile plan, you may be surprised that it may mean something else than what the name would lead you to believe. Mobile carriers in Singapore and other regions around the globe advertise their unlimited data plans by referring to something else than what you would think. You can get unlimited data mobile plans from any carrier only to discover that they may mean different things depending on who you get them from. Each carrier may have a different policy regarding data usage. They may also have different types of subscriptions for unlimited data.

Unlimited Is Partially Unlimited?

In Singapore, unlimited is not the same as unmetered. If you get an unlimited plan in Singapore and read the fine print, you will see that they are metered. What most carriers offer is a plan with something like 100 GB of traffic or more at 4G or 5G speeds included. They call it unlimited because you can still perform data traffic once you exceed that monthly allowance without having to pay anything extra. The only catch is that you get lower transfer speeds. If you exceed that 100 GB included, bandwidth throttling is applied. You will still be connected to a 4G network but your transfer speeds will be considerably lower.

Technically speaking, you can use unlimited data. The speed limitations are meant to restrict usage beyond a certain point. In real-life terms, it is rare for an average user to require more than 100 GB of traffic. If you want to compare and get unlimited data mobile plans you will notice that all of them offer you more traffic than what you would reasonably need. However, if you do need more than 100 GB per month, you should look at plans that include more traffic at 4G speeds. To get the right plan, you should also know your average monthly needs and current usage.

Rollover Traffic Can Be Useful

Something that not many carriers in Singapore offer are rollover traffic. What this means is that for certain plans, if you do not use all the included mobile data in one month, it can be allocated to the allowance you get next month. To understand how this works, an example can shed more light. Assuming that you have an unlimited data plan with 100 GB at 4G speeds and rollover traffic. If in one month you use only 40 GB, next month you will get 160 GB at 4G speeds. Rollover traffic can expire. Usually, after two months, rollover traffic expires. This prevents you from accumulating terabytes of traffic in a given month.

The biggest advantage of having rollover traffic is that it can help you cover fluctuations in your data usage. If in one month you use 60 GB of traffic and in one month you need 120 GB, a plan with 100 GB of traffic and rollover traffic should be more than enough. You should think if it is worth it to get unlimited data mobile plans with rollover traffic. Keep in mind that such plans are a bit more expensive than regular plans. On the other side, they are very practical and convenient for users that require a lot of traffic per month and do not know for sure if they will exceed or not the included allowance.