Ultimate Guide to Electric Scooters

Why do people ride electric scooters?

Portland City reports examined how electric scooters or motorized adult scooters, as some people call them, are used and where they are ridden. About 70% of the population in Portland who had ridden an electric scooter reported that they most frequently used them for transportation, rather than recreation, and they ride them for reasons of speed and reliability, but also for fun, cost, and convenience.

Aren’t Scooters for children?

The kick scooters are meant more for children than adults, but there is an electric scooter out there for adults called a motorized scooter for adults. The kick scooter is great for low impact aerobics, but can wear on the knees after time. Not to mention, a kick scooter can only get you so far transportation wise, whereas the electric scooter, depending on the brand, can get you across town easily. For example, the Eagle One at Varlas Scooters can you get up to 40 miles per charge at a 40+ MPH, which can get you pretty much anywhere within your town.

What makes an electric scooter work?

What exactly makes the electric scooter motorized? When the rider uses the throttle, electric signals go from the throttle through wires to the controller, which tells the battery to release electric energy to one or two motors in the wheels, depending on the scooter. The motor changes that energy into a movement of the wheels, and the scooter moves forward, making it a motorized scooter for adults. For the most part, electric scooters are made up of several major components. The battery is the heart of every electric scooter. Its voltage, charge, and energy storage capacity will be the dominant factor in determining the most important features of the scooter, which are the overall performance, and the maximum distance it can go on a single charge. The motor is of equal importance to the battery. Its power and quality will determine a lot about the scooter’s performances, primarily its speed, its torque, its ability to climb hills, and its range to a lesser extent. The best electric scooter range wise is from Varla scooters, called the Eagle one, which has a dual hub motor 1000W, its range is 40 miles per charge, houses a 18.2 Ah lithium-ion battery, and has a torque of 36 Nm, which can help the electric scooter climb hills and slopes up to 30 degrees.

Does the motor really make a difference?

As mentioned before, scooters can have their motors live inside the deck, which requires them to connect to the wheels through gears and chains. Newer scooters, however, have the motors integrated into the wheel itself, which is a much more robust and foolproof design.

Batteries provide direct current or DC for short, so all motors in electric scooters are DC motors. DC motors come in two flavors, brushed or brushless. Brushed electric motors produce power by 2 collections of electromagnets. One is round, and the other one is a smaller sized magnet inside the cyndrical tube. When it is activated, it produces electromagnetic fields that trigger the inside to proceed changing as well as generate power. Of course, the details of how a brushed DC motor works are a bit more complex. Brushless DC motors are a more modern technology that is an improvement over brushed DC motors. Brushed motors have an efficiency of about 75-80%, while brushless have an efficiency of about 85-90%. The way a brushless motor works is almost like an inverse brushed motor. The magnets that move in the brushed motor are the parts that don’t move in the brushless motor. Again, the details of how a brushless motor works are more complex than the brushed. It’s very useful to know what type of motor your electric scooter has so you can get the best electric scooter on the market.

Does the type of battery make or break the scooter?

When explaining the electric scooters battery, you will hear the terms V which means voltage, and Ah, which means Ampere-hours. The higher the voltage the more power goes to the motor. The bigger the V and Ah, the more energy storage capacity the battery will have.  The bigger the energy storage capacity, the more range your electric scooter will have, of course there’s more to it but that’s the most important one. Of course, like most modes of transportation you can upgrade your battery to a more powerful one or add an extra motor for more power. This will increase the range you get on an electric scooter to a great extent, and it may also improve your general performance of your scooter as well.

How do you charge an electric scooter?

Charging an electric scooter is simple, but there a few steps to it to make it an optimal charge, to potentially increase the lifespan of your scooter’s battery. So, a few tips, let your electric scooter cool off before charging. Don’t use any other charge, only use the original. Make sure to charge in a cool, dry room, at room temperature if possible. Always make sure to charge until full as often as possible, and don’t let the battery run empty, or die. This is a general rule of thumb, but it’s usually better to plug the charger into the outlet first before plugging it into your scooter, it avoids short circuits and malfunctions.

What makes a good electric scooter?

You should choose an electric scooter with at least 250 watts of power. That’ll be sufficient to get you across flat ground and over small hills. A scooter with dual motors, or a more powerful single motor, will be a better choice for someone living in an area with a lot of hills. The scooters at Varla scooters have high power motors, the Eagle One has a dual hub motor of 1000W, and the Pegasus city commuter scooter has a dual hub motor of 500W. These scooters have the top-quality motors for the best performance and range. So, if you want the best electric scooter look at this guide on how to find the perfect electric scooter for you.

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