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UKRDF Launches a New Innovation Maturity Assessment for SMEs Looking for Growth

The United Kingdom Research and Development Facility (UKRDF) has announced the launch of its new Innovation Maturity Assessment service. The service, which will be delivered by Innovolo, is designed to audit an organisation’s innovation maturity and provide a report and bespoke action plan.

Commenting on the announcement, Associate Director of UKRDF Robin Pallister said: “Innovation is critical for organisations if they are to compete in today’s global economy. This new assessment will help businesses of all sizes understand their current level of innovation maturity and identify the actions they need to take to improve.”

The Innovation Maturity Assessment (IMA) is comprised of four key stages:

1. Understanding your innovation strategy: This stage will involve an assessment of your organisation’s innovation strategy, including its goals, priorities and processes

2. Analysing your innovation portfolio: This stage will analyse your existing innovation portfolio and assess how well it aligns with your organisation’s strategic priorities.

3. Benchmarking your innovation performance: This stage will benchmark your organisation’s innovation performance against other companies in your sector

4. Developing an action plan: This final stage will develop a bespoke action plan for your organisation, based on the findings of the previous three stages

Innovation catalyst and fractional futurist Andrew Vorster said of the new service: “This is a stellar piece of work – far better than anything I’ve ever received from KPMG, Deloitte, Gartner, PWC or any of the others I’ve engaged in my corporate past.”

Closely aligned with ISO 56002: 2019 Innovation Management System, the new Innovation Maturity Assessment is the first of its kind in the UK. It will provide organisations with a comprehensive understanding of their innovation maturity and offer guidance on how to improve.

The IMA encompasses over 24 aspects of innovation capability, including

Leadership & Culture

Governance & Structure

Processes & Practices

Capabilities & Skills

Resources & Funding

Measurement & Evaluation

Collaboration & Partnerships.

To find out more about the Innovation Maturity Assessment and to book a free consultation, visit

UK Research & Development Facility
[email protected]
The Old Customs House
Harbour Road
United Kingdom

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