UK Interior Blackout Shutter Blinds For Insulation & Light Control Launched

The blinds and shutter providers have long prided themselves on the high quality of their materials and hardwoods. They are now offering classic window shutters made with sustainable wood. Shuttercraft’s new sustainable hardwood shutters are available to their customers in various stains and paint colours.

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Shuttercraft has decided to shift to sustainable wood as the general consciousness of the United Kingdom also moves towards greener choices. As the latest figures from the Office of National Statistics reflect, 75% of adults in the UK now believe that individuals and society must make more sustainable choices to foster a better climate and environmental outcomes.

Shuttercraft agrees. They also believe that their sustainable wood is doubly beneficial, as it is naturally insulating, reducing heat loss in a home and, therefore, reliance on heating.

The premium interior shutter provider now has 18 different stains for their hardwood available to clients, including Cherry, Black Walnut, Rich Walnut, Dark Mahogany, Dark Teak, Weathered Teak, Old Teak, French Oak, Red Oak, and more. Homeowners can also select from 30 different paint colours or choose their custom colour in consultation with Shuttercraft’s design team.

Shuttercraft is also now offering its clients the ability to partner their new sustainable wood shutters with their blackout blinds. The blinds and shutter suppliers recommend this combination to anyone seeking the ultimate in light control, insulation and privacy.

Their expert designers and technicians can help homeowners to decide whether this two-for-one darkening blind and sustainable wood shutter combination, which they call ‘Shutter and Shade’, will work well in their home.

Shuttercraft is now offering its sustainable wood shutters and ‘Shutter and Shade’ blackout blinds throughout the UK.

A spokesperson for the premium shutter providers said, “Our blackout shutters combine our sustainable wooden plantation shutters with integrated blackout blinds. As well as being the ultimate room darkening solution, this combination offers added insulation and improved privacy. In addition, blackout shutter blinds are perfect for children’s bedrooms and home cinema-style rooms.”

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