UAE Life Coaching To Release Emotional Baggage & Let Go Of The Past Launched

This year, the coaching service’s principal focus is helping their clients to release emotional baggage and to let go of the past. LIGHTER CORE believes that letting go of the past–and the negative emotions that might be tied up with or tethered to the past–is the first step in greeting the future and embracing change.

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LIGHTER CORE has announced this new focus for their coaching service in the wake of the New Year. The expansive coaching organization knows that the New Year is a time in which many people set new resolutions, which, above all, are typically about self-improvement, fulfilment and happiness. However, they also know that only 9% of people will actually succeed in reaching or achieving these resolutions.

What this says to LIGHTER CORE is that although many people want to be mentally healthier and happier, they often lack the tools to achieve this.

Because they believe that letting go is the first step towards moving forward and growing, their coaching service is now focusing on helping people to release toxic feelings like anger, sadness, fear, hurt and guilt. These emotions often mire a person in the past and prevent them from growing, evolving, and inviting in positive emotions.

In their virtual coaching sessions, the expert team at LIGHTER CORE will also focus on key lifestyle development aspects like shedding limiting beliefs, overcoming fears and phobias, breaking internal conflict loops, and turning resolutions or wishes into tangible goal setting and goal achievement plans.

The coaching service achieves this through what they call their DSR Experience. This three-step program focuses on Discovery, or understanding one’s self, Resolve, meaning resolving past hurts, experiences and emotions, and finally, Set, where clients begin setting new intentions for the future.

LIGHTER CORE FOR LIFESTYLE DEVELOPMENT CONSULTANCY is based in Abu Dhabi, but they work with clients throughout the UAE and beyond.

A spokesperson for the renowned life coaches said, “LIGHTER CORE life coaching is the right choice if you want a real change. We will help you to release emotional baggage from past memories and let go of all the negative emotions that stem from your past.”

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