Type of Custom Socks

Type of custom Socks

If you are in the market for custom socks, I’m sure your head is probably spinning right now. There are tons of sock companies out there claim to be the best but you really cannot tell until you start ordering from them and nine out of ten, the socks you ordered are probably crappy. So what can I do you asked? I’ve done all the homework for you so you don’t have to. Let’s dive in.

​First off, before you even consider producing your own socks, you should know the basics such as composition, the structure and material. There are mainly two types of custom socks, one is knit and the other is dye sublimation. If you are looking for simple yet stretchable designs I would suggest knit because with knitted socks, the yarns are already dyed with color before stitched together hence when you wear the socks, the graphics holds up better when worn; however, if you have more intricate design which you often do. Dye sublimation socks are much better in that regard because dye-sub is basically heat transfer from paper to fabric. Every little detail will get transfer during the heat transfer process. The con is you can only print on polyester socks. The choice of material is limited.

​With knitted socks, there are only a handful of companies willing to do small volume orders, so unless your order is 100+ pairs more than likely your socks will have to be made either overseas in China or a company that’s will to do small runs at a higher price. As oppose to dye-sub, you can order as little as one pair and the wholesale pricing is much lower to start. If you’re looking to sell your design and want to test the market, dye-sub would be a good starting point.

​I personally went with dye-sub since they are made here in USA and can scale at a much lower price, prosocks where I get my custom socks from offers 4 types of different dye-sub socks. They have ankle, crew, dress and even knee high socks. I highly recommend their dress socks as they are great quality at a great price. If this style of custom socks fits you then dye-sub socks is the way to go. Knitted socks are also good but you’ll have to order in large volume to make up for the unit cost.

​At the end of the day, it’s all about what your preference is and who is buying your socks. Every type of socks has pros and cons, you weight it against your customer’s need. Most importantly, you want to ensure you get your custom socks from a reliable source. If you decide to go overseas, make sure you give yourself enough time for shipping because it’s going to take awhile before you received your order. In my experience, keep it USA. Easy to deal with and quality ensured.