Twinsburg Custom Color Changing Candles With Personalized Labels Launched

Customers in and around Twinsburg can now order Flame Fanatic’s popular premium hand crafted candles with personalized labels. Flame Fanatic recommends their candles to businesses and organizations in the city who are looking to develop a clearer brand identity and build a connection with their customer and client base, as well as with their network of sponsors, employees and suppliers.

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Flame Fanatic believes that their candles are a premium gift choice for fostering cheer amongst a business’ network of connections. The candles from their latest collection are both branded and understated and are a functional and pleasant gift that any recipient will genuinely enjoy.

Twinsburg businesses who decide to work with Flame Fanatic will appreciate that their distinctive and unique hand-crafted color-change candles can be completely customized. Businesses can select the two key colors that the candle changes between when heated and cooled and also have it scented with premium essential oil-derived fragrance.

Now, with the brand’s new high-quality printed labels, they can also select a logo, business name, or chosen image to adorn the candles with.

With Flame Fanatic, local businesses can be assured that they will truly be giving their customer and corporate bases a high-quality gift because the manufacturer hand-pours all of their candles from a premium clean burning wax blend using natural fiber wicks.

Their custom candles are currently available in two sizes: 1.5-oz and 8-oz.

Flame Fanatic has a passionate customer service and account management team who will liaise with interested businesses as they design their candles. The company has no minimum order threshold and they can also oversee the shipping of the candles to all gift recipients.

A spokesperson for the manufacturers said, “Our candles represent hassle-free gift-giving programs for businesses and non-profits. Reward and retain your best clients, customers, major donors, and employees. Create loyalty, generate referrals, and show your sincere appreciation. We burn to craft uniquely magical color change candles infused with a premium custom blended fragrance that will promote your brand like no other!”

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Flame Fanatic

2026 Summit Commerce Park, Twinsburg, OH,

United States

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