Tutorial Book Restorative Practice Hacking Guide For K-12 Educators Released

This newly released book, titled “Hacking Deficit Thinking,” has been co-authored by Byron McClure and Kelsie Reed and has been published by Times 10 Publications. The book adds to a range of other educational practice & pedagogy guides in the “Hack Learning” series, one of the landmark collections from the publisher.

More information is available at https://www.10publications.com/hacking-deficit-thinking

The newly published “Hacking Deficit Thinking” book particularly focuses on the negative biases that pervade teaching and the ways in which educators can break out of those systems of thought. The book encourages teachers to build on student strengths and avoid focusing on shortcomings.

In this book, career psychologists McClure and Reed share their thoughts on the dangers of deficiency-driven pedagogy. They express the impact that such systems have on both the student and the instructor and then provide a number of research-backed tips that educators can use to build positive reinforcement structures into their lessons.

Additionally, the book details some simple strategies that can help emphasize student strengths and build a sense of community and empathy.

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One reader stated, “Finally a book outlining a strengths-based approach to education! We CAN focus on identifying what works for the child, instead of focusing on what is “wrong” with the child. Language is powerful and these children need us (educators, parents, service providers, etc.) to be the change”

Despite their scientific background, the authors of this volume seek to humanize the statistics that educators are often confronted with when designing their pedagogical approach. In doing so, they encourage readers to empathize with the unique struggles that each student experiences and to work around those struggles to achieve better outcomes.

Across 8 sections, McClure and Reed tackle topics such as the value of differences, equity in a student population, and ways to reframe thinking through language.

The tips in “Hacking Deficit Thinking” were devised by the authors after a long career in psychology, over which they came to better understand the difficulties in establishing meaningful equity and empathetic teaching structures. Their book is available in paperback and ebook formats.

Additional details can be found at https://www.10publications.com

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