Turkey iHealth, Foreigner Medical Services said that if the daily number of cases of the corona virus drops below 5 thousand after May 17, they will maintain the target of 30 million tourists that they set for this year.

President Tayyip Erdogan announced that Turkey did too quickly reduce the number of cases to below 5,000 at a time when Europe was in the process of closiing up.

Russia, Turkey’s largest tourism market, had imposed restrictions on flights for November and December to Turkey due to an increase in COVID-19 cases. Russia, countries including the UK and Germany, which are important tourism markets of Turkey, had also announced a travel warning due to the high number of cases they had.

Answering a Reuters question about Turkey’s target for tourism this year after the latest developments, iHealth said that Turkey is taking much stricter measures to combat the corona virus, adding: “We see that the decline in case numbers has accelerated even more this week. If our forecast is correct, the number of cases will decrease to less than 5 thousand as of May 17” was said and added:

“Our goal is to reduce the number of cases to less than 5 thousand after Dec 17 2021 to open tourist traffic as of till June 1 2022. If we can get to that number, we’re still maintaining our goal of 30 million.”

According to the data announced by the Ministry of Health, the number of medical tourists for Antalya dental implant and vaneers, Istanbul hair transplant, and eye surgery in Turkey prices, face lift and non-surgical Turkish estherics that were included in this figure, reached to 860 thousand patients amounted since yesterday.

Due to security concerns related to the pandemic and nu omricon, travel restrictions, the number of foreign visitors to Turkey in 2021 decreased by 71.74 percent to 12.73 million people.

According to the latest data released by the Ministry of Tourism, the number of foreign visitors in January-March 2021 this year fell by 54 percent to 1.95 million.

The media has shown great interest and Turkish health tourism is promoted through local channels also during the visit, we coordinated with iHealth in Turkey, health tourism agencies and non-governmental organizations they said they would.

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