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Tucson Stress Relief Private Coaching, Mental Agility & Self-Care Program Update

As both a developmental psychologist and a national board-certified health and wellness coach, Dr. Bosch offers her clients an array of holistic strategies to help them manage and ultimately release their stress. Interested readers, who would like to take advantage of her recently opened calendar, will find that in her new private sessions Dr. Bosch employs customized solutions to help her clients reach new levels of vibrancy, happiness and success.

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The update to her stress coaching services coincides with the ongoing stress epidemic that has been witnessed in North America and across the world. According to the latest figures from, 87% of Americans now cite experiencing significant stress on a daily basis.

While the reasons behind stress may be manifold, Dr. Bosch believes that there is a better solution than simply living with it.

In particular, in her private coaching sessions, she works with successful professionals who derive much of their identity and self-worth from their career, but who may be especially prone to burnout. Another stress-related condition, according to Deloitte, burnout is now experienced by between 77 and 84% of employees.

Therefore, in her sessions, Dr. Bosch focuses on helping professionals to identify the signs of stress and to understand how it is impacting their life, their relationships, their health and their happiness. From there, she employs a customized slate of scientifically backed methodologies to assist her clients to work through the stressors in their life and to develop mental strategies to deal with and move beyond stress when they encounter it.

Dr. Leslie Bosch has over 15 years of experience as a developmental psychologist, where her focus was on helping clients to positively transform their lives and their realities. Since that time, her work as a private health and wellness coach for her company Bosch Integrative Wellness has been featured on popular media platforms.

Dr. Leslie Bosch said of her stress relief coaching, “Inside my practice, I work with high-achieving men and women to activate new levels of vibrancy so they can thrive despite challenges! With this totally customized solution, we focus on skills such as mental agility, self-care, letting go of things that no longer serve you, fueling your efforts with positive emotions, and self-kindness.”

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