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Trends in the telemarketing industry for the near future

In conversation with Ryan Mitchell, Rios, a top-producing telemarketing salesman of the US, highlights the trends of the industry.

Everywhere we see, there is the rapid digitalization of the world, be it in any industry and field. This is certainly a great sight to behold, looking at how gradually people are adopting newer approaches and getting their hands on the digital wave for the better. The telemarketing industry is also one, which has been slowly adopting these changes. We got in touch with Ryan Mitchell Rios (@ryanhelpedme) from the US, considered as the top-producer telemarketing salesman, to know what are the trends that he thinks will rock the industry in the near future.

  • First of all, how do you think people are reacting to these changes in the industry?
    I guess so far, so good. Of course, when rapid digitalization comes to take over most industries, people may not get used to it easily, but slowly, people embrace and accept them, which is a great sight. The route should always be onwards and upwards for any industry, and I guess we are on that path already.
  • What are those trends that will pick in the telemarketing industry, according to you?
    AI is one thing, which is making a lot of noise. There are firms that are thinking to incorporate speech recognition technology to cold-call customers. They can even manage responses for individual prospects. It will also help in streamlining business operations. The second is analytics in telemarketing, where salesmen can use the power of analytics to predict the prospect’s behaviour. Analytics like descriptive, predictive, prescriptive is done for mapping data correctly, helping marketers to evaluate and predict the next step.
  • Any other trends that you see coming?
    Yes, there could be the adoption of cloud technology in telemarketing as well as adopting an omnichannel experience in the industry.
  • Any final words?
    I would like people in the telemarketing world to be open to these developments and trends as this is the way forward, and one must learn to walk with the changing times. The future with these trends really looks bright.