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While wall street markets are defiantly hot right now, attracting traders from all around the world investing and trading stock options and bonds mostly, there is even a bigger, more attractive trading market out there that allows you to trade 24/7 with better leverage options and less commissions and fees.

The foreign exchange forex market is the largest market, by far exceeding all others, and now you can be a part of it, trading in it and in all of the other assets and platforms through your Treasured Cap account.

Is It True That The FX Market Is The Biggest Market In The World And Will I Be Able To Buy GME Stocks And Crypto Currency On Treasured Cap?

Of course, treasured Cap offers the most versatile, diverse trading tools with daily access to prime signals, Fundamental and technical analysis lessons, live webinars sessions, risk management tools, finance education and much more.

Can I Trade Stocks, CFDs, FX And Cryptocurrencies Under 1 Wallet?

Yes, and much more. After opening your treasured Cap account, you will get customized charts and live data feed and professional trading tools on our advanced user-friendly desktop, mobile & tablet compatibility trading platform.

What Is Forex Trading Exactly And How Is It Different From Trading On The Stock Market?

Treasured Cap: The Forex market (Foreign Exchange, FX) is the largest and most liquid market in the world. In the past, only countries, governments and hedge funds managers were able to trade currencies but today millions trade on it from all around the world, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. FX trading utilizes only currency pairs, for example USD vs EURO and also provides futures trading options.

O.k, So I Can Trade Both In Stocks And In Forex Markets, But Why Is It Better To Do So With Treasured Cap?

First, it’s important to know that we are a certified trader company and are committed to the Anti-Money laundering law. Read all about it on the Treasured Cap site. No less important, we deliver a state-of-the-art security measures to protect your funds and personal information, at all times. We use a cutting-edge technology which enables you to enter your trades with a single click of a button, and most importantly, our focus is exclusively on our clients. Our committed team of professionals are ready to assist you with every need or request you may have.

Open An Account For Free And Start Trading Instantly On Treasured Cap Now

Choose one of our seven account types in accordance with your trading level: Bronze, silver, gold, premium, platinum, VIP exclusive and CEO managed, and enjoy the best features on Treasured Cap advanced trading platform including: Platform explanation, dedicated  account manager, risk management explanation, basic market explanation, education center, Treasured Cap Algo Trade Bot-trading alerts, advanced training sessions, risk free trades, financial plan, managed account, higher leverage, rushed and free withdrawal, VIP events, independent contract premium platform and more!

The Uniqueness Of Treasured Cap Relies On Three Key Advantages  

Secured platform, personal support, and best spreads, average 2-3 bps better (tighter) per transaction than the ones offered by your house bank!

Simply choose your account type & settings, select account option based on individual needs depending on your risk appetite between a conservative, moderate, aggressive, or multiple-mixed strategy portfolios, open your account and deposit your funds directly into a trading account registered under your name with your custodian bank, connect with news-traders or open a new account with one of our partner banks, and watch your investment grow!

I Heard That Trading Forex Is Risky, Can You Explain How It Works?

You trade the Forex market in ‘lots’. Those measurements are called micro, mini, and standard lots. A micro lot is 1000 worth of any given currency, a mini lot is 10000, and a standard lot is 100000. trading is electronic on the Forex market and trades take place in set blocks of currencies. you can trade as many blocks as you’d like.

The Forex market has many advantages over the stock market, among them a 24/7 open house market, larger leverage options, less fees and commissions and due to its scale, you can buy as much currencies as you want. Moreover, one of the biggest advantages of the FX market over the stock market is having fewer rules and regulations.

I Heard That Treasured Cap Is One Of The Best Platforms For Forex trading but for now, I’m Just Looking For A Platform That Allows Me To Trade Stocks And Option Conveniently. Is The Treasured Cap Platform Good Enough For That Purpose?

Of course, the Treasured Cap platform is suited to all trading methods on all assets.

As certified traders, we’ve been committed to advising and strategizing with our clients and apply our experience across multiple markets and a variety of products to provide the best stock research and trading information. Treasured Cap have recognized the need in the market for a world class online trading company and offers the latest cutting-edge technology and multi asset trading option.

What Do You Offer?

Treasured Cap offers direct access to online real time market trades with liquidity platforms through multi asset platforms for electronic derivative trading, automation, execution, and risk management requirements.

Our offer includes cutting edge online technology along with one of the world’s best trading platform. We provide our services to experienced account managers, hedge funds managers, risk managements managers, corporates and institutions with the best experience in trading the markets.

What Kinds Of Platforms Does Treasured Cap Provide?

Treasured Cap provides an online training and support system and services through our algo system-based technology. We provide a flexible multi asset platform with convenient and powerful trading options and support for all trading types that enables traders to execute all trading strategy on all financial markets.

The 2020 Stock Market Took Off Quite Bullishly To Say The Least, Is This The Right Time To Enter The Stock Market?

This is exactly the reason why the Treasured Cap platform is the most suitable one for you in our day and age. We provide trading tools for all markets and while the stock market has its up and downs through out the years, the foreign exchange market is more stable and convenient for new traders who desire to earn big money in the largest market out there, not relying exclusively on the events influencing the stock markets on wall street but enjoying the advantage of trading currency from all around the world.

Does Treasured Cap Offer Cryptocurrency, Commodities And Indices Trading Options?

Yes, we focus on several assets: Forex trading, cryptocurrency, futures, commodities, indices, stocks, and shares.

Find your favorite trading option of bitcoin, ETF’s and all other assets on Treasured Cap. Open an account for free and start trading instantly!

Make sure to leave us any question or comment you may have to get the best answer and the most updated information about all markets so you can begin you journey for a successful trade!

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