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Traumatic Brain Injuries Sustain in Accidents Can Change Your Life for the Worse

Traumatic brain injuries or TBIs happen when the brain’s normal functioning is interrupted due to a blow to the head or object penetration. Their impacts can usually be life-changing; however, some sufferers can fully recover and don’t sustain life-altering issues. If you were in an accident that significantly affect your head, you should seek prompt medical attention to prevent long-term damage.  Also, if you suffered a TBI due to the negligence of another party, you must contact injury attorneys Huntington Beach to know what your legal options might be. 

Effectiveness of TBI Treatment

Some people who suffer from a mild TBI may fully recover from it. But despite the advances in the treatment of TBIs, the effects of a serious TBI are usually impossible to reverse. A TBI’s long-term effects will vary based on different factors such as the following:

  • When you sought treatment. How quickly you sought medical care is a predictor of how your TBI will impact you. Seeking treatment early reduces your chances of further damage and long-term issues. 
  • How seriously your head was hit during the accident. If your head was hit several times during the accident, you could have a serious TBI. 
  • Your age. TBIs in younger victims usually lead to brain swelling. These injuries cause behavioral and mood changes in those who are between 20 and 40 years old. Older sufferers may sustain more cognitive issues and may not fully recover from their injury. 
  • Genetics. This factor can impact whether you fully recover from a TBI and how quickly you can recover from it. 

Effects of a TBI on Your Life

As a traumatic brain injury sufferer, you should learn how to overcome serious physical and cognitive challenges. Moderate to serious TBIs can lead to permanent physical or mental disability. Such injuries may make it impossible for you to return to work. In addition, they may make it hard to function normally such as eat or bathe on your own. 

Moreover, a TBI can impact your cognitive function. You may have difficulty focusing on things or remembering. It can also affect your relationships and may require you to hire a caregiver. Having a TBI can mean sustaining different symptoms and effects such as chronic pain, physical paralysis, vision issues, sleep problems, slurred speed, loss of fine motor skills, and more. 

Because of you how a TBI could change your life for the worse, you want to be compensated for it. A skilled injury attorney will help you seek financial compensation from the party responsible for your accident and injury.