Trauma-Responsive Drug Recovery | Online Holistic Program For Women Launched

Aware that drug abuse requires a multi-factorial approach to its recovery, Sacred Sol Institute announces that its trauma-responsive care for women has been further strengthened to include the latest research in self-exploration and positive psychology. The woman-focused drug recovery company believes that addiction stems from underlying trauma from one’s past.

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With the improved trauma-responsive care, women who are healing from a drug addiction learn how to release negative emotions such as guilt and hopelessness so that they can step into a more positive mindset. True to its name, Sacred Sol believes that true addiction recovery needs to come from an enlightened state of being – one that embraces mindfulness, stress management, and peer support.

Research supports this. Addiction recovery specialists have noted that a holistic approach to drug abuse offers longer-lasting, if not permanent, results. It is not “just” healing from the physically manifested drug abuse, says Sacred Sol, but digging deeper into childhood traumas so that the root cause of the addiction is addressed.

The core of the program is to release past traumas that have manifested as anxiety, depression, and shame. What most people don’t recognize is that these traumas often grow into self-loathing which triggers various forms of self-abuse such as drug addiction.

Sacred Sol is led by Renee Frye, who is not only the creator of the addiction recovery program but a beneficiary of it. She has safely and fully recovered from her drug abuse using the techniques she teaches at the institute. To date, it has helped thousands of people through many varieties of trauma.

The group specializes in the restoration and balance of the body, mind, and spirit through its trauma-response resources such as peer recovery support, holistic healing, and conflict resolution, among others.

A former patient wrote, “Renee is a lifeline to a better self. She offers understanding without judgment and lends a hand in moving forward. She is a tremendous resource. We don’t have to be alone on the journey.”

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