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Transparent TV, Three-dimensional Microscope, Innovation Week Hurries Up to Jianye to Clock in Black Technology Exhibition!

Recently, Intelligent Innovation Future Better Life —— Nanjing Innovation Week Offline Exhibition and Jianye Black Technology Exhibition was carried out on the starlight stage on the seventh floor of Golden Eagle in Hexi.

The model of the exhibition platform is inspired by “science and technology, interaction”. It is combined with city, technology, eight industrial chains, and other elements. Through text, pictures, physical, video, scene reproduction, experience interaction, it shows the achievements of Jianye District in eight industrial chains and black technologies such as artificial intelligence, software and information services, intelligent manufacturing, and life and health. A total of 21 black technology products such as Xiaomi Transparent TV, 3D microscope, AI cloud platform for the ground level, infrastructure, and basic skills as well as modular green roof tray system were on display.

In addition to the traditional TV backboard, the whole screen of a Xiaomi transparent TV almost “disappeared”, just like transparent glass. The images are suspended in the air, as seen in science fiction movies. While abandoning the traditional backplane, the Transparent OLED screen brings the line and microdevices through the precision layout design, bringing subversive transparent forms in the highly tiny pixel space. It can be integrated with the surrounding design in the home to demonstrate the advantages of technology.

The 3D microscope, without any staining or fluorescent labeling processing, can restore the sample dynamic 3D morphology and data in real- time. It can reproduce the physiological processes of cells completely. Its measuring accuracy leads the industry. At the same time, the system breaks through the limitation of the single microscope imaging, and can integrate seven imaging in the same system. Relevant innovative technologies have published more than 70 academic papers, 15 authorized patents, and 3 PCT international patents in internationally renowned journals.

AI cloud platform for the ground level, infrastructure, and basic skills relies on artificial intelligence and cloud computing technology to integrate multi-source image data from space-based, ground-based, and air-based sources. Cross-corroborating data can provide more accurate, scientific, and low-cost data analysis results, greatly improving the efficiency and precision of screening. This promotes digital informatization in air, water, and soil ecological environment monitoring, pollutant prevention and control, pollution source screening and supervision, water disaster monitoring and early warning, disaster prevention and control, and emergency rescue.

Roof greening modular system is combined with the advanced domestic material production capacity to achieve the self-sustainability of roof greening. It can be used to make combination and expansion, flexible and light. The product is of great significance to increase urban green space, improving the heat island effect, energy-saving and emission reduction and improving the ecological environment. At the same time, the product can greatly save the cost of manual maintenance of roof green plants, improve the building roof waterproof index.

The 2021 “Nanjing Innovation Week” will also hold innovation activities such as “Innovation + Life” and other activities that all citizens knows. It invites all citizens to participate in the clock in activity.